Should We Go Paperless With the EPA?

Readers help a reader solve this control problem. Next month's problem: How to ground magmeters in non-conductive pipes?

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3. Find out the ongoing maintenance costs. Determine how much self-maintenance and adjustment can be done. How easy is it for you to adjust bias adjustment factors, change ranges, or create new reports? Determine where the source code for the DAS programs exists.

...With a good DAS, there is no need to produce and then file reports away. Reports for any selected time period can be produced on demand. If you wan to see the hourly emissions that occurred on Christmas Day two years ago, just enter the date into the appropriate form and the report will be created instantly from the data stored online.

...Another key advantage of a DAS is that it can quickly and easily produce all of the data typically requested by auditors. When an auditor sees you have a good system for collection, processing, and reporting of emission data, his job of seeing to it that you are following the rules is made easier. This can make the auditing process much smoother.

Mike Fishman, Vice President

Exele Information Systems,

Paperless Recorders Can Help

Going paperless for CEM applications provides a number of advantages over traditional paper-type solutions. CEM typically requires math to calculate the periodic and rolling averages needed to monitor stack emissions, and paperless recorders can easily perform the required calculations. Honeywell paperless recorders provide Ethernet communications capability as a standard function, allowing the data to be made available in real time on a local area network or a plant-wide system. The Ethernet capability also allows the paperless recorder to send an e-mail alarm or message to a number of recipients.

...Capturing the data electronically provides many advantages over traditional paper recorders: It makes analysis easier, faster, and more reliable. The data is recorded in a digital format, eliminating interpolation errors that can arise when transcribing the data from a chart to a spreadsheet for analysis. With a paperless recorder, the data is easily imported into a spreadsheet like Excel for further analysis. The paperless solution also provides a graphical display, unlike paper recorders that generally use either scales or digital displays for displaying the process variables.

...As for using paperless recorders in EPA-regulated applications, Honeywell paperless recorders have features such as data encryption, password protection, audit trails, and security features (password expiration and timeouts) as outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations 21 Part 11, which covers electronic data records and signatures. Paperless recorders are successfully being used in many regulated applications and provide many benefits over traditional paper-based recorders.

Douglas Bradway, Product Manager, Data Acquisition

Honeywell Industrial Measurement and Control,

Octobers Problem

How to Ground Magmeters in Non-Conductive Pipes?

I understand that grounding rings must be installed when magnetic flowmeters are used in lined metallic piping or non-metallic piping. Can the ground be an independent ground conductor (not the neutral conductor) from the electrical supply to the flowmeter? Precisely what is the purpose of the grounding rings?


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