Transactions in measurement and control -- 1.2

Volume 1: Non-contact Temperature MeasurementChapter Two: Theoretical Development.



Chapter 2: Theoretical Development

ALL Matter -- animate or inanimate, liquid, solid, or gas -- constantly exchanges thermal energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation with its surroundings. If there is a temperature difference between the object in question and its surroundings, there will be a net energy transfer in the form of heat; a colder object will be warmed at the expense of its surroundings, a warmer object cooled. And if the object in question is at the same temperature as its surrounding, the net radiation energy exchange will be zero.

In either case, the characteristic spectrum of the radiation depends on the object and its surroundings' absolute temperatures. The topic of this volume, radiation thermometry, or more generally, non-contact temperature measurement, involves taking advantage of this radiation dependence on temperature to measure the temperature of objects and masses without the need for direct contact.

Topics covered include:
1.  Radiation Basics
2.  Blackbody Concepts
3.  From Blackbodies to Real Surfaces

Other chapters of Transactions will systematically cover other aspects of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, flow, level, pH, and conductivity instrumentation as well as other measurement, data acquisition and control topics. Click here to view the other chapters of Volume I, or to download Non-Contact Temperature Measurement in its entirety.

We hope the Transactions in Measurement and Control series will find a permanent home on your reference shelf, and that it proves itself of great value now and in the future.

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