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  • A network security forecast for 2005

    The security marketplace will see big, new product trends hit their stride in 2005. Learn how you can secure your network from malicious intent.

  • Advanced Control Smorgasbord

    Processors Now Have A Lot of Tasty Choices When It Comes to Advanced Control Technologies

    the time many of us were being assigned to our first electronic control room projects in the 70s, some very smart engineers had already developed ways to effectively exploit PID controllers. Relative-gain arrays and simple decoupling of the controller out
  • Advanced control unleashed

    Proven control methods for engineers working in the advanced control industry are presented by four seasoned practitioners who bridge the gap between theory and practice.

    T.L. Bevens, G.K. McMillan, W.K. Wojsznis, and M.W. Brown
  • Advanced pH measurement and control

    This comprehensive treatment of applied instrumentation and control covers all the bases and is presented to more fully educate the industry in basic theories and technologies.

    Gregory K. McMillan and Robert A. Cameron
  • Advanced process control? "Think" it so!

    Humans replacing PLCs? This "special to the web" article for ControlGlobal.com ponders the possibility of process operators controlling a myriad of automation control systems using only thought!

    Jeffrey R. Harrow
  • And the winners are...

    This is the 12th year that CONTROL magazine has surveyed the best in products and service in the process automation and controls industry. Find out who won this year's Readers' Choice Awards.

  • Are fieldbus wars heating up again?

    It seems the Fieldbus Wars may be heating up again. What's going on and how will it affect your plant and your plant's pocketbook? CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes provides analysis and commentary.

  • Are You Ready for Process Control?

    Editor in Chief Walt Boyes asserts that today's tools have shifted our viewpoint and that process automation professionals need to care more about the process itself, and not just the controls.

    Walt Boyes
  • Are you up to snuff with S84 and OSHA?

    Check your safety systems liability at the door. Choosing to ignore S84 standards could put your company on a collision course with OSHA and consequently open you up to criminal liability.

  • AutomationXchange is a smash hit!

    CONTROL magazine's first annual exchange to bring end-users and vendors together to work on collaborative projects proved to be a big success for the automation community, prompting similar focused events to be scheduled next year.

    Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief
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