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  • Back from the grave

    By the 1990s concurrent engineering was all but dead as a lack of interest from users sent it to an early grave. But now it's been resurrected, and this time we may actually need it.

    Rich Merritt, Senior Technical Editor
  • Banging and rapping

    Control Talk columnists McMillan and Weiner maintain there are better ways for bangers and rappers to take readings other than hitting large case instruments with channel-locks.

  • Beaming it up to the enterprise

    Getting aggregated data from the plant up through the enterprise is the easy part, according to Editor in Chief Walt Boyes, but getting realtime data to the enterprise level is much harder than we'd like to admit.

  • Bhopal +20, a hard lesson we’re still learning

    Managing Editor Steve Kuehn points to lessons learned and not learned during the 20 years since the worst industrial accident in human history in his new Actionable Items column for CONTROL magazine.

  • CLIFFTENT for process optimization

    CONTROL columnist Terrence K. McMahon learned right from the start that process optimization was a really tough way to sell control systems, as recalled in this edition of Around the Loop.

  • Comparing Windows with Linux and UNIX

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has sent a letter to customers outlining the reasons it believes Windows is superior to Linux. This is the full text of that letter from InformationWeek.com.

  • Control offshore plants from here

    Technology just might keep process control from going overseas as long as engineers, operators and techs can tune the plant, watch over day-to-day operations, and diagnose problems from here.

    Rich Merritt, Senior Technical Editor
  • Converge on Safety

    Special Report From Industrial Networking Magazine: End Users and Machine Builders Wait for Digital Safety Network Standards Bodies to Make Their Differences Vanish

  • DAQ systems head for the local store

    This Product Round-up of data acquisition devices shows the handwriting is on the web and that web-enabled DAQ systems are on their way to becoming off-the-shelf commodities.

  • Data into information

    When designing information transfer systems, Editor in Chief Walt Boyes believes it is critical to be able to weigh properly the value of each piece of information.

    Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief
  • Distributed intelligence

    Sometime in the next year or so, companies are going to release control products that will dramatically change the landscape of the automation and process control industry in ways never dreamed possible.

    Rich Merritt, Senior Technical Editor
  • Don't Cut the Cord

    Quick Connectors, Cordsets, and Sensor Modules Contribute to Productivity and Process Versatility (Special from Industrial Networking)

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