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  • Of old dogs and a brand-name education

    Developing Your Potential columnist Dick Morley explains how tricks can be taught to mature engineers and that an education should consist not only of knowledge, but also of personal branding.

    Dick Morley
  • Now showing on an HMI screen near you

    New HMI technology is putting a whole new (inter) face on control information, allowing plant management to view manufacturing processes from their offices or on the road.

    Lisa Polisar
  • New security standards to strengthen SCADA

    The security of critical-infrastructure process control systems will be getting a boost from proposed standards for industrial controls, according to this article from Computerworld's Mark Willoughby.

  • New lab advances the state of HVAC control

    Around The Loop columnist Terrence K. McMahon notes that NIST's $235 million facility will support some of the world’s most delicate experiments in nanotechnology and measurement at the atomic level.

    Terrence K. McMahon
  • New funding for automation security research

    The Department of Homeland Security believes that improving the security of distributed control and SCADA systems is an important part of securing our country's critical infrastructure.

  • Network Integration Saves Costs

    End Users, Member Companies, and Technical Team Participants Will Determine the Future Direction of Foundation fieldbus Technology (Special from Industrial Networking

  • NASCAR on an industrial scale

    Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt believes that what Joe Gibbs Racing does with its approach to R&D should be taught in our country's industrial engineering schools and MBA programs.

    Rich Merritt, Senior Technical Editor
  • Lurn how to wryte and spel gud

    Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt offers advice to high school and college students that if you can learn to write clearly, it will put you head and shoulders above your engineering colleagues.

  • Lock down your wireless Ethernet

    If hackers realize you have unsecured Wi-Fi, they'll go after it. This article from Industrial Networking magazine suggests a few important steps that can make the difference between a secure wireless system and a hackable one.

    Eric Byres, PE
  • It's all under Control!

    Looking for job security as a process automation professional? A majority of respondents to CONTROL's recent web poll believe adding enterprise IT skills to your resume will make you more employable over the long term.

    Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief
  • It’s more than batch!

    Maurice Wilkins, Chairman of the World Batch Forum, focuses on batch management, automation and integration in this new "special to the web" monthly column for ControlGlobal.com.

  • Is Your HMI Lying to You?

    Control Report: Sometimes HMIs Fail to Tell the Entire Truth About Process Control Conditions

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