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  • CLIFFTENT for process optimization

    CONTROL columnist Terrence K. McMahon learned right from the start that process optimization was a really tough way to sell control systems, as recalled in this edition of Around the Loop.

  • Are you up to snuff with S84 and OSHA?

    Check your safety systems liability at the door. Choosing to ignore S84 standards could put your company on a collision course with OSHA and consequently open you up to criminal liability.

  • New funding for automation security research

    The Department of Homeland Security believes that improving the security of distributed control and SCADA systems is an important part of securing our country's critical infrastructure.

  • Once upon a time in Iraq

    This month's installment of Tales From the Front takes us to Iraq, circa 1962, where a control engineer had to solve an instrumentation cabling problem that was somewhat less easy to do in practice.

  • Are You Ready for Process Control?

    Editor in Chief Walt Boyes asserts that today's tools have shifted our viewpoint and that process automation professionals need to care more about the process itself, and not just the controls.

    Walt Boyes
  • Lurn how to wryte and spel gud

    Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt offers advice to high school and college students that if you can learn to write clearly, it will put you head and shoulders above your engineering colleagues.

  • Out of the barn

    This easy-to-read compilation of a series of articles by PLC inventor Dick Morley covers eight entertaining topical sections, including floor level control systems and the history of the programmable controller.

  • It’s more than batch!

    Maurice Wilkins, Chairman of the World Batch Forum, focuses on batch management, automation and integration in this new "special to the web" monthly column for ControlGlobal.com.

  • Industrial network security

    This "special to the web" book, available from ISA.org, provides an introduction to the field of industrial network security and a tutorial on the basics of IT cybersecurity, physical security and personnel security.

  • Securing your control system

    Protecting your system from hackers can be complicated, so system specifiers should consider deploying other technologies to ensure that wireless access points only receive secure signals.

  • New lab advances the state of HVAC control

    Around The Loop columnist Terrence K. McMahon notes that NIST's $235 million facility will support some of the world’s most delicate experiments in nanotechnology and measurement at the atomic level.

    Terrence K. McMahon
  • The hard road to our competitive edge, Part I

    Lessons Learned columnist Béla Lipták describes one of the many small steps process control professionals should take on the difficult, but necessary road to recapturing our competitive edge.

  • Should valves be integrated?

    CONTROL Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert, PE, ponders integrated valves and wonders whether end users would prefer to pay a cost premium for a complete and assembled valve system.

    Dan Hebert, PE, Senior Technical Editor
  • Pitching control

    Rockwell Automation CEO Keith Nosbusch has no problem with pitching control as he takes to the mound on the subject of what makes factories hum. (Free registration may be required)

  • NASCAR on an industrial scale

    Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt believes that what Joe Gibbs Racing does with its approach to R&D should be taught in our country's industrial engineering schools and MBA programs.

    Rich Merritt, Senior Technical Editor
  • The art of asset management

    Will asset management save North America's process plants? This article from the editors of CONTROL provides the 411 on local and remote asset management capabilities and corporate oversight.

    Dan Hebert, PE, Senior Technical Editor, and Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief
  • Advanced process control? "Think" it so!

    Humans replacing PLCs? This "special to the web" article for ControlGlobal.com ponders the possibility of process operators controlling a myriad of automation control systems using only thought!

    Jeffrey R. Harrow
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