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  • Comparing Windows with Linux and UNIX

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has sent a letter to customers outlining the reasons it believes Windows is superior to Linux. This is the full text of that letter from InformationWeek.com.

  • Advanced control unleashed

    Proven control methods for engineers working in the advanced control industry are presented by four seasoned practitioners who bridge the gap between theory and practice.

    T.L. Bevens, G.K. McMillan, W.K. Wojsznis, and M.W. Brown
  • Selecting an automation network

    With many projects requiring more than one network application, finding the network that best fits your needs is no easy task. This perspective will help get you started on the right path.

    Dick Caro
  • Advanced pH measurement and control

    This comprehensive treatment of applied instrumentation and control covers all the bases and is presented to more fully educate the industry in basic theories and technologies.

    Gregory K. McMillan and Robert A. Cameron
  • DAQ systems head for the local store

    This Product Round-up of data acquisition devices shows the handwriting is on the web and that web-enabled DAQ systems are on their way to becoming off-the-shelf commodities.

  • Get your ducts in a row

    Readers of CONTROL respond with comments, suggestions and a solution to the problem: What can we do to get six identical air flows from our air plennum splitting system?

  • UOP gains ROI with IT integration

    At UOP LLC, distibuted control, IT integration and an integrated database management system are all top priorities that translate into increased productivity, efficiency and quality.

    Mike Jackson and Joseph Schaaf
  • Wireless for industry

    Around The Loop columnist Terrence K. McMahon reports on wireless sensor technology and how it holds great promise for the networking capability of industrial control processes.

    Terrence K. McMahon
  • Of old dogs and a brand-name education

    Developing Your Potential columnist Dick Morley explains how tricks can be taught to mature engineers and that an education should consist not only of knowledge, but also of personal branding.

    Dick Morley
  • PLCs becoming PACs as MRC invents new TLA

    Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt points out that market research companies have given up predicting the demise of programmable logic controllers in this Product Roundup from CONTROL.

  • Lock down your wireless Ethernet

    If hackers realize you have unsecured Wi-Fi, they'll go after it. This article from Industrial Networking magazine suggests a few important steps that can make the difference between a secure wireless system and a hackable one.

    Eric Byres, PE
  • Now showing on an HMI screen near you

    New HMI technology is putting a whole new (inter) face on control information, allowing plant management to view manufacturing processes from their offices or on the road.

    Lisa Polisar
  • We interrupt this editorial...

    Editor in Chief Walt Boyes introduces ControlGlobal.com, a new online community for process automation engineers looking for deep, actionable content that's organized and easy to find.

    Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief
  • Data into information

    When designing information transfer systems, Editor in Chief Walt Boyes believes it is critical to be able to weigh properly the value of each piece of information.

    Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief
  • RFID: Coming to a plant near you

    Is RFID in your process automation future? If you handle multiple-ingredient batches, adhere to record keeping practices, and need a better handle on quality control, then it's not just for Wal-Mart anymore!

    Wayne Labs
  • Technically speaking: Will standards mesh?

    Reliability, scalability and mobility are the trump cards of wireless mesh networks and should result in triumph over other wireless topologies, according to Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert, PE.

  • Process control security

    System vulnerabilities are causing many to rethink their approach to protecting process control systems. With the pressure on to develop a workable set of security requirements, NIST is there.

    Dan Hebert, PE, Senior Technical Editor
  • The next President: On the record

    This Special Report from Industry Week poses manufacturing questions to presidential candidates George W. Bush and John Kerry. Here are their responses.

  • Control offshore plants from here

    Technology just might keep process control from going overseas as long as engineers, operators and techs can tune the plant, watch over day-to-day operations, and diagnose problems from here.

    Rich Merritt, Senior Technical Editor
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