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  • You can be easily alarmed

    It’s high time the industry stops thinking about alarm systems as purely reactive devices. These days, they also can be an effective tool in tracking and identifying little problems before they become big problems.

  • You better know more!

    There is excellent training out there, provided by trainers who aren’t vendors, and don’t have the barely hidden agenda of wanting to sell you stuff.

  • Yokogawa rolls out plan for global leadership

    Yokogawa recently marked its 90th anniversary by laying out plans for an aggressive growth trajectory. Here's Publisher and VP of Content, Keith Larson's take on the Tech Innovation Fair held in Japan.

  • With technology, old is a relative term

    The staying power of Oldtimer Technology reminds us to not get carried away with the new, dramatically improved, high-performance automation toys and to simply use what works.

  • With a little help from my friends

    CONTROL Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt adds to his growing collection of writing awards and takes time out to give credit to control engineers who make it possible.

  • Wireless winning wider acceptance in automation

    A recent survey shows the undeniable appeal of wireless sensor networking is apparently convincing more end-users and system integrators to plan on implementing these technologies.

  • Who should provide your network support?

    Decisions about how to support your factory networks can present hard choices. Is outsourcing that support a better choice than utilizing your own IT group? Contributing Editor Wayne Labs reports.

  • Where are our control engineer heroes?

    In process control, our heroes are few and far between, yet opportunities abound for engineering heroism. Just apply what you know to a field that needs it and maybe the world will finally appreciate you.

  • When multiple analog transmitters go haywire

    All kinds of high and low level alarms caused this reader to look for the common threads that tripped his control system. Read how troubleshooting the problem revealed the power supply to be the culprit.

  • What’s your taste in Ethernet?

    When planning a high-speed motion control application, consider the features you need, the deterministic nature of your application, and just how much Ethernet compatibility your system requires.

  • What's in your server?

    Security threats to control system networks are a fact of life. Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt shares tips and techniques he culled from end users and vendors on how you can keep the Barbarians at bay.

  • What vendors say about control system security

    Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt provides detailed, unedited responses from process control vendors, software companies and security consultants on questions regarding control system security.

  • What is field control?

    Fieldbus technology expert Dick Caro asserts that field control is an idea whose time has come and, when presented with the facts, should be the objective for all new process control system designers.

  • Want to see something really scary?

    Getting into your control system requires skill, but it's not beyond the ability of a professional hacker who is being paid to get into your system undetected.

  • Users want an industrial wireless standard

    Editor in Chief Walt Boyes takes a look at how existing standards for wireless products in industrial process plant applications compare with the real needs of process automation.

  • User interfaces should empower operators

    Although predicting time to fail might head off a catastrophe, proper alarm management and human factors engineering are key factors in minimizing process upsets.

  • Use the tools you have

    Ron Helson, Executive Direxctor of the HART Communication Foundation, contends that HART Communication is one of those tools that might be in your toolbox but needs to be moved to your belt!

  • Use RFID to improve your automation systems

    Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert, PE, addresses RFID technology and explains how RFID systems are being lnked to process automation systems to deliver process improvements.

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