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  • Look, Ma! No wires!

    CONTROL magazine's Editor in Chief Walt Boyes tells us whether wireless networking in process automation applications is ready for prime time in this "special to the web" editorial for ControlGlobal.com

  • Plug in to standard solutions

    Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert notes that there is no single vendor or independent organization that promulgates Ethernet standards and that end users must modify commercial standards for their own use.

  • Deterministic networking on Ethernet

    Andreas Pfeiffer writes that if Ethernet has any hope of becoming an automation control standard, time-deterministic control must coexist within a single message format with non-real-time data.

  • Choosing an enlightened control path

    The rapid development of computer technology in advanced distributed control systems (DCS) has brought a Chinese fatty alcohol process plant safely into the modern control era.

  • One billion bottles a year on the wall

    A glass manufacturer's new monitoring and control system has increased both the number and quality of bottles the company makes, while at the same time shattering its refining process production costs.

  • Making automation pay enterprise-wide

    From the plant floor to the front office, the means often justify the ends, so if the level of credibility does not exist in your company that allows new automation to get approved, then you have some work to do.

  • Industrial PCs are all grown up

    Senior Technical Editor Dan Hebert, PE, notes that industrial PCs have matured from similar-looking, pre-packaged desktop PCs to products specifically designed for particular process automation applications.

  • Knights of the pharma industry roundtable

    The PAT Initiative is much more than using process analyzers in pharmaceuticals processes. It is about gaining true understanding of the mechanisms that drive the process and their robustness.

  • 2005 Salary Survey: Par for the course

    CONTROL magazine readers continue to drive salaries on par with the industry, but the green is getting closer as demand for engineers heats up. Find out how your salary stacks up against your peers.

  • Ladies' salaries are on par with the men

    Yes, the process industriers are as male-dominated as ever, but this year's Salary Survey provides evidence there are women making great careers for themselves out there.

  • Readers' service scores

    Find out who won as readers broadcast their opinions on the best suppliers in the process control and automation industry in CONTROL magazine's 13th Annual Readers' Choice Awards.

  • Cyber vulnerabilities in control systems

    As steps are being taken to ensure the cybersecurity of control systems in the automation industries, securing and maintaining these systems will require employees to have more operations and IT experience.

  • Selecting an automation security consultant

    This "special to the web" article by Charles Landis notes that you may want to consider hiring an expert to design a process control security program that is in your best interest financially and operationally.

  • Intrusion detection and cybersecurity

    Presented here are the current intrusion detection and cybersecurity monitoring techniques used in enterprise networks that can provide early identification of attacks from the most common threat agents.

  • Securing manufacturing and control systems

    This ISA Technical Report provides recommendations and guidance for effectively using electronic security technology to protect manufacturing automation and control systems.

  • SOUND OFF! on CONTROL's Editor's Blog!

    Want to know what's really going on in the industry? CONTROL's Intrepid Roving Editors blog from just about anywhere on almost any process automation topic.

  • Analysts say flowmeter sales are growing

    In this month's Product Roundup, CONTROL Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt taps into the flowmeter market and discovers that although traditional markets are creeping along, Asian sales are booming.

  • Motor drives "hunt" for success

    MalAsia strikes drive manufacturers, but motion control is stepping up, according to CONTROL Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt's Product Roundup of motor drives and motion control devices.

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