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Mynah's Berutti on Simulation and Training
Martin Berutti, of Mynah Technologies, spoke with Control's executive editor, Jim Montague, about how the current state of the simulation/training field and how it's likely to evolve in the future. They also covered what end users need to know to implement a simulation/training program for their process applications, and what should be on any to-do list to get a simulation/training project up and running.

Podcast – Virtual Reality Simulation in the Process Industries
In the April edition of the Control/ARC Podcast series, Walt Boyes and ARC's Tom Fiske take a look at what was until only very recently science fiction, and has now become science fact-- the future of high fidelity virtual reality simulation in the process industries.

Warehouse Robotics
Discrete automation simulations have much better graphics than process modeling, probably because it’s important to see what the equipment is actually doing. This video is a Simcad simulation of proposed changes to a 300,000-sq ft warehouse. In the video, you can see simulated robots, AGVs and people scurrying around the floor of the warehouse.

Speed Racer
In the new iRacing racing simulator, the builders laser-scanned each racetrack to replicate the personality, eccentricities and challenges of the track with mathematical precision. This video from Grassroots Motorsports magazine, shows a driver running an iRacing simulation,and explains how the simulation was done.

The China Syndrome
This video from Longwatch that would have saved Jack Godell's life. In the simulation, the HMI screen first shows normal operation. Then an alarm goes off, and the video switches to a "live" camera in the pump room. We watch as the pump shakes itself apart and falls to the floor.

Helicopter Controls
See the online continuation of this story for the solution to control problems in a helicopter control system involving three interacting PID controllers. Engineers used LabView to put the data into the simulator, create a model and run tests. The simulated control had 10 times better response than the helicopter’s standard control system, and the final control algorithms in the simulator could be loaded directly into the helicopter controller.


Getting Real About Simulation
Emerging and eye-popping 3-D graphics and virtual reality technology are giving plenty of game to process control testing and training simulators integrated with offline process control systems.

The Gaming of Modeling and Simulation
Tomorrow’s Control Engineers Are Playing Today’s Computer Games, with Their Realistic Simulations. Will Tomorrow’s Process Simulators and Modeling Software Adopt Game Technology?

First-Principle Versus Data-Driven Models
Cost and the Time and Skill Required to Develop an Application-Specific Model have Been Barriers to Using First-Principle Modeling Tools

The FAT Is the Problem
End users need to revisit their expectations of the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and accept that not every loop needs to be tested in order to implement a successful fieldbus project.

Process Simulators Aren't Just for Training
From design to startup and beyond, operator training simulators certainly appear to be worth all the trouble, especially since they can save time and money throughout a process plant's entire lifecycle.

CP: Simulation Gets a New Dynamic
Efforts aim to boost the use of dynamic models by process and control engineers.

Process Simulation: Your Job Is Still Safe…For Now
Armed with a CAD package and simulation software, a single engineer can design the product, plant, and control system. Check out why the concept of a one-person design team is still a goal for the future.

Faking It Isn’t All Bad
Simulate or model your loop tuning, operator training, advanced process control or optimization for savings, safety and skill-building.

Process Hero
Simulation Software Rocks for Training, but Its Benefits Go Way Beyond Teaching to Aiding Design, Optimization, Maintenance and Life-Cycle Management. Here’s How.

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