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  • The Road Ahead for FDT Technology

    FDT Is Now An Internationally Recognized Standard in the Form of IEC 62453. What Is Next on the "To Do" List for the FDT Group?

  • Flow Technology

    The Latest Products for Measuring and Tracking Flow

  • HMIs on Display

    See the Latest in High-Contrast Screens, Compact Displays and Other Goodies

  • Drowning in Data; Starving for Information - 1

    This Is the First of a Four-Part Series on Past, Present and Future Challenges and Opportunities Presented by the Deluge of Data Now Available to Automation Professionals

  • NeSSI Keeps Chipping Away

    The Plucky Sampling Sensor Initiative and Its Advocates Keep On Encouraging Users to Gain the Many Benefits That Its Standardized Hardware, Communications and Microanalytic Specifications Can Bring to Process Analytical Systems

  • Orifice Rangeability

    Can We Re-Calibrate a Transmitter with Orifice Elements Ranging from 0 to 10000 Kg/hr for Lower Range Instead of Changing the Transmitter Over All?

  • Professional Patience

    Innovators Must Not Be Held Back by Obstacles, Endless Resistance, and the Likely Lack and Withholding of Recognition and Reward

  • Rethink Mass Notification

    Properly dealing with emergencies demands integration of plant systems.

    Joe Wilson, Federal Signal
  • Igniting Future Engineers

    National Programs Partner with Businesses and Trade Organizations to Encourage Students to Participate in Engineering-Related Activities

  • Situation Critical

    Bad Human/System Relationships Can Quite Literally Blow Up in Everyone's Face

  • Digital Positioners Take Over

    Alabama Power Upgrades Damper-Drive Actuators to Digital to Reduce Maintenance of Coal-Fired Generators

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