Using HART for Asset Management

WirelessHART Extends HART 7 Capabilities for Automation Asset Management

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Eric Olson says, "So what are the benefits of plant asset management? Wil Chin, ARC research director, has reported typical results from oil and gas and the chemical industries. He says that in all areas, there are real tangible savings to using asset management, and it is clear that WirelessHART adapters can expand on this by increasing the number of devices available in an existing facility for monitoring purposes."

With this kind of savings potential, process industry companies are going to be focusing on the advantages that HART and WirelessHART are able to give them. Some vendors and knowledgeable end users estimate that as many as 30% of the existing installed wired HART devices will have WirelessHART adapters fairly quickly, while others will wait for shutdowns and turnarounds to install HART multiplexers. That 30% works out to approximately 10 million devices. WirelessHART has a huge potential for improving operational efficiency in process plants worldwide.

End Users Win

Because every process plant in the world has HART-enabled field devices, it makes sense to concentrate on leveraging the assets the plant already has. The interchangeability and interoperability of HART-enabled devices, whether wired or wireless, means that a decision on "what technology to use" becomes "how best do we use the technology that we already have?"

Integrating information from HART field devices into control, monitoring and asset management applications using wired HART, WirelessHART or a combination, is the most effective way to optimize and manage your measurement assets. 


HART CommunicatorProComSol, Ltd designs and manufactures both the hardware and software needed to perform complete HART device configuration and monitoring using your PC or PDA.  DevCom2000 software uses the registered DDs from the HART Foundation, allowing full access to all device parameters, including Methods.  The latest revision supports HART 7 and WirelessHART.  Reliable, cost-effective USB modems and convenient, wireless Bluetooth modems provide the interface between HART instruments and configuration & monitoring software.  Order these items using our secure website.





Wireless HART Development Kit

HART Development KitAdd WirelessHART to your product line quickly and inexpensively with the Nivis WirelessHART Development kit. The kit includes all the tools necessary to build and support a WirelessHART development/testing network, including a router, four sensor radios, network provisioning tool, our network management software and development support from our experts. With Nivis as your partner you can add WirelessHART to your product line with minimal effort.

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