What's New in Flow Technology

Here Are Some of the Latest Products for Your Flow Applications

ABB flowmeter 

Aquamaster 3 electromagnetic water flowmeter offers a choice of line voltage and battery options, plus a renewable power option that draws from either solar or wind-powered energy sources. With the new option, a simple DC (6V-21V) connection can be hooked up to sources as small as a 5-W solar panel or 60-W equivalent wind supply. It has built-in GSM/SMS technology

 Sage flowmeter

Prism is a battery-operated thermal mass flowmeter with data-logging capability. It operates for up to 10 hours on a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can measure and log gas flows through existing ports in pipes 1 in. and larger. It has a high-contrast, photo-emissive graphical display, readable even in sunlight. It logs up to 3800 points in manual or auto mode.
Sage Metering, Inc.  

 McCrometer electromagnetic flowmeter

FPI Mag electromagnetic flowmeter, successor to the popular Multi-Mag
insertion flowmeter, is a multi-electrode, hot-tap, full-profile insertion flowmeter. It features additional sensing electrodes for more sensitivity, and is now packaged in a heavy-duty 316 stainless-steel sensor body for maximum structural integrity. The sensor is coated with a NSF-certified, 3M fusion-bonded epoxy.

 Yokogawa magnetic flowmeter

Yokogawa is pleased to announce the release of the ADMAG AXR in the United States, Mexico and Central America.  The AXR is the world's first two-wire magnetic flow meter employing the advanced "Dual Frequency Excitation” method. This technology cancels process generated noise without sacrificing response time.  The "Dual Frequency Excitation" method and other technological breakthroughs such as super high density coils, noise cancelling electrodes and mirror finished liners vault the performance of the AXR well beyond other traditional two-wire magnetic flow meters.

The ADMAG AXR two-wire magnetic flow meter can be installed in a loop powered system which eliminates the need for a second conduit run, extra wiring, a separate power supply and additional engineering.  This drastically reduces the installed cost of the meter; cost savings of up to $100 per foot of wiring for power can be expected.

The ADMAG AXR has user-friendly functions such as a full dot-matrix LCD display, an electrode adhesion level diagnosis function and multi-lingual capabilities. The advances in the AXR meter expand 2-wire magnetic flow meter applications beyond traditional monitoring and catapult it into process control.  This makes the AXR perfect for both new expansion projects and for replacing older 2 wire flow technologies.


 Badger Mag  meters

M-5000 and M-2000 are cost-effective, electromagnetic flowmeters. The M-5000 is a battery-operated, general-purpose mag meter in a standalone package. It is ideal for remote settings without access to power. The M-2000 delivers precise flow measurement on potable meter lines, in fluids with suspended solids, and most applications requiring exacting measurement.
Badger Meter  

Burket flow transmitter 

Element Type 8036 flow transmitter measures flow rate in solid-free liquids. The transmitter has a sensor with paddlewheel and an enclosure with cover, containing the electronic module and a removable display, all attached to a compact in-line fitting via quarter-turn. It is available for orifice sizes ¼ in. to 2 ½ in. and can accommodate a temperature range of 5 °F to 212 °F.
Burkert Fluid Control Systems 
800/325 1405

 Magnetrol ultrasonic transmitter

The EchoteL Model 355 is a two-wire, loop-powered, non-contact ultrasonic transmitter for liquid level, volume and open-channel flow measurement. It features a 60-kHz ultrasonic transducer and advanced digital signal processing to measure out to a 20-ft (6 m) maximum range. The transducer is offered in polypropylene or Kynar Flex for superior performance in harsh environments.

 emerson steel housing STAINLESS-STEEL HOUSINGS
The stainless-steel housings now available on Rosemount vortex and magnetic flow meter make them suitable for offshore and near-shore oil and gas and other marine applications. Saltwater and salt in the air make these industries good candidates for stainless-steel transmitter and sensor housings. They’re also suitable for food, beverage and life-science applications where corrosion may be  a problem.
Emerson Process Management  
 Honeywell coriolis flow sensor

The VersaFlow Coriolis 1000 Mass Flow Sensor has a straight measuring tube that is available in Hastelloy, titanium or stainless-steel. VersaFlow reliably measures mass flow, density, volume, temperature, mass or volume concentration, and solids content. The TWC 9000 converter allows easy selection for the output options required and fits various housing configurations.

 Dwyer flow sensor

The Series PFT paddlewheel flow sensor monitors liquid flow in 11/2-in. to 40-in. pipes. Insertion design allows one model to be used for the full, pipe-size capability. Non-magnetic operation using inductive sensing allows for low-flow sensing and is not affected by magnetic material in the flow. Series PFT comes in brass or 316 SS versions for different media compatibility.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.

 Hoffer magnetic flowmeter

The Nor-Mag magnetic flowmeter measures electrically conductive liquids in industrial applications. It’s an AC/DC-powered meter for flow rates in water, heat and supply systems and chemical and food
processing applications. Integral electronics provide rate and total, as well as functions for liquid batching control, detection for empty piping, internal meter status diagnostics and more.
Hoffer Flow Controls Inc. 

 FCI flowmeter

ST51 flowmeter is ideal for the monitoring industrial plant greenhouse gases. It features a no-moving parts design that’s non-clogging and operates over a wide flow range with low-flow sensitivity. It comes in an explosion-proof transmitter, and it features a thermal mass, insertion-style flow element with flow accuracy to ±1% of reading over a broad flow range from 0.3 to 400 SFPS  (0.08 to 122 MPS). 
Fluid Components International

 GF Piping flow sensor

Signet Model 2552-3 metal magmeter is a rugged insertion flow sensor that permits hot-tap access to the pipe stream. The robust design and durable metal housing provide accurate flow sensing in harsh environments. It fits into pipe sizes from 2 in. to 102 in., and its patented design offers a dynamic flow range of 0.15 ft/s to 33 ft/s (0.05 m/s to 10 m/s) with repeatability of ±0.5% of reading at 25 °C. 
GF Piping Systems  

 Brooks ass flowmeter

4800 Series mass flowmeters and controllers have digital communications capabilities. Choose Profibus or RS485, which is delivered in a small module that mounts on top of the 4800 Series device. The 4800 with Profibus supports both DPV0 cyclic and DPV1 acyclic data communication. The 4800 with RS485 has a physical layer with a proprietary protocol based on the HART command set.
Brooks Instrument
888-554-FLOW (3569)

 Flexim portable flowmeter

Fluxusr G 601 portable flowmeter has application in check metering, leak detection and troubleshooting. It is IP65-protected and available in a standard or multifunctional model. The standard version is configured for two current outputs and two binary outputs. The multifunctional model has two current, one voltage and one temperature input, four current, two binary and a frequency output.

 Omega Wireless Flowmeter

These industrial wireless transmitters are designed for temperature, infrared temperature, relative humidity, process transducers, flow (pulsed frequency) and pH applications. The UWXL has an IP68-rated enclosure, and free software that converts a PC into a multi-channel chart recorder or data-logger and is compatible with Omega’s UWTC-REC and UWXL-REC wireless receivers.
Omega Engineering Inc.

 Automation Products Group ultrasonic flow sensor

These loop-powered ultrasonic level sensors are cCSAus-certified for use in Class I, Div. 1, Groups C and D, and Class I, Zone 0, Group IIB hazardous locations. They feature microprocessor control to internally perform volume, flow and totalization calculations and feature a rugged PVDF (Kynar) transducer housing and PC/PET chemical-resistant sensor housing.
Automation Products Group 

 Assured Automations Valves

The HP Series of high-performance butterfly valves offers Class VI shutoff and an advanced seat design, which provides a bi-directional interference and pressure assisted seal. These valves are available in sizes 2 in. through 12 in. with a pressure rating up to 285 psi for 150- class and 740 psi for 300-class valves. Body is available in carbon or stainless-steel with wafer or lugged flanged end connections.  
Assured Automation 

 Thomas & Betts connectior blocks

Homac encapsulated multi-tap connector blocks and splices are encapsulated in clear polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They accommodate cable sizes from #14 AWG to 750 kcmil in standard configurations from two to eight conductors. Made from high-conductivity aluminum alloy, they are dual-rated for use with aluminum or copper cable. Pre-filled with oxide inhibitor, they are rated at 90 ºC (194 ºF)/600 volts, UL-listed and meet or exceed ANSI C119.4 specifications.
Thomas & Betts
800/ 816-7809

 Stealth embedded computers

The LPC-100M PC is a rugged, small-form PC that operates from 10-26 VDC power input. It also  features a mobile Intel Core 2 Duo processors, an aluminum chassis, 3D graphics with 16x9 capability built-in, gigabit LAN, USB 2.0, audio, serial, video and has a 4 in. x 6.1 in. x 1.45 in. footprint—about the size of a paperback novel. The machine weighs  1.2 lbs or 0.54 kg. Start-up and shutdown times are user-definable, allowing for safe application launching along with a controlled shutdown period.

 Advantech Ethernet switches

This line includes full Gigabit (EKI-2728MI, EKI-2748FI and EKI-2748CI) and 10/100M Ethernet (EKI-2548I, EKI-2548SI and EKI-2548MI) switches. To enhance the connection reliability, EKI-2748 modules are equipped with a digital monitoring interface that can monitor the status of the SFP module, including temperature, voltage, current, and Tx and Rx power. They also feature DIP switch configuration. 
Advantech Corp.

 AutomationDirect HMI panels

The C-more Micro-Graphic family of operator interfaces now offers a 4-in. TFT color touchscreen HMI panel with a 320 x 240 dot display and 32,768 colors. It is equipped with a standard Type B USB programming port, a serial communications port that supports most PLC drivers, and five durable function keys with LED indicators. It has 3.2 kB of memory and an LED backlight. The 320 x 240 screen allows either portrait or landscape installation.
Automation Direct   

 Balluf Analog signal converte

IO-Link analog plugs, with their 14-bit high resolution, are the ideal choice for systems with limited instances of analog signals. With an IP 67 enclosure rating, the plugs feature a space-saving housing, are connected directly to the sensor, and convert the analog signals into IO-Link signals before transmission. They are available with 4-20 mA  current input and output, voltage from 0-10 V or PT 100, and a voltage output of 0-10 V.

BinMaster Level Controls stainless-steel process connections for the BMRX and Maxima+ rotary level indicators are designed for use in corrosive materials. The 304 SS solid stainless-steel fitting is available in both 11/4 in. and 11/2 in. NPT sizes and comes with a stainless-steel seal/bearing carrier. BMRX and Maxima+ fail-safe rotaries can be used in materials with a bulk density as low as 1 lb/ft3 (30 kg/m3) and as high as 150 lb/ft3 (68 kg/m3).
 Banner metal housing

Banner Engineering now has a compact metal housing rated for Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations for its intrinsically safe DX99 wireless node product line. Equipped with its new housing, the DX99 node is more versatile, while maintaining its convenient single chamber design—placing the battery, wiring terminal and radio together for easy mounting and connection to sensors. It offers a combination of input options including discrete, analog, thermocouple and RTD.
Banner Engineering  

 Mersen voltage protection

Surge-Trap Type 1 X-Series provide over-voltage protection for all locations with the smallest footprints available. They’re rated for NEMA 4X enclosures, and suited for system voltages from 120V to 600V. They have a 20kA (In) nominal discharge current and high 200kA SCCR ratings. Agency approvals include UL 1449, third edition, IEC 61643, CE, ANSI/IEEE C62.41 (XR-series), RoHS and UL 96A lightning protection master label.

 Saelig USB controller

Warrior56 is a universal USB controller that allows easy access to input or output functions via a USB bus. Featuring 50 generic I/O lines, IO-Warrior56 is also a I2C/SPI master, allowing interface with a wide range of available ICs. It features a full-speed USB 2.0-compliant interface, 50 general-purpose I/O pins, I2C master function, 50, 100, or 400kHz, software support for Mac, Linux and Windows. No USB knowledge needed.f

 ConTech converter

KMWSeries of DC/DC converters offers up to 30 W of fully regulated output power with an industry-standard 2-in. x 1.6-in. footprint and a 4:1 input range with nominal input voltages of 24 and 48 VDC. Single outputs offered are 3.3, 5, 12 and 15 VDC. Dual outputs are ±12 and ±15VDC. The operating ambient temperature range is -40 °C to 50 °C with no de-rating. UL60950-approved and RoHS-compliant.

 Carlo Gavazzi starter

RSQK Series high-power intelligent soft starters improve the performance of industrial applications. They offer a three-phase controlled soft start with internal bypass; a UL-listed range of 23-900 amps at 230 VAC and 480 VAC; a six-button keypad with LCD display; motors, resistive (heater) control and inductive (transformer) loads; in-line or inside delta wiring operation capability; and a maximum UL motor rating at 460VAC and 750 hp.
Carlo Gavazzi Inc. 

 IMI Sensor safety cables

IMI Sensors offers breakaway safety cables designed to protect technicians and their equipment from being pulled into rotating machinery. IMI’s safety cables quickly disconnect in the event that a sensor or analyzer cable becomes accidentally entangled when collecting data. They have EMI/RFI shielding and multiple connector configurations, including two-pin MIL style, BNC plugs or jacks compatible with most major data collector manufacturers. 
IMI Sensors  

 General Monitor Handbook

The Gassonic Technical Handbook explains how to incorporate ultrasonic gas leak detectors into plant fire and gas (F&G) detection systems. It is useful when integrating ultrasonic gas leak detectors into new oil and gas installations or when retrofitting existing facilities. It presents applications data with respect to specific gases and application locations and step-by-step guidelines on how to integrate these detectors into safety systems based on plant layouts, detection coverage and other considerations.
General Monitors  

 Ametek Temp calibrator

Jofra RTC-158 is an advanced dry-block reference temperature calibrator.  It combines a liquid bath and a large diameter insert, and is designed to calibrate odd sizes and shaped sensors or multiple sensors at once. The RTC-158 covers a temperature range of -22 °C to 155 °C (-8 °F to 311 °F). It offers intelligent sensors for plug-and-play connectivity, an easy-to-read full-color 5.7-in. VGA display, and a USB connection.
Ametek Calibration Instruments 

 Hawk transmitter

This very low-frequency acoustic wave transmitter is non-intrusive, and penetrates through froth to measure  pulp height. It’s mounted above the froth and pulp height, so it has no maintenance or mechanical problems. It can be supplied ready for connection to a two-wire loop power supply used for a displacement float transmitter. Optional remote-mounted transmitters and non-intrusive transmitters to measure the froth height are available.
Hawk Measurement  

 Hardy Instruments sensors

Available for compression or tension applications in capacities from 44 lbs to 600,000 lbs, Advantage load points and sensors are designed for optimum performance inprocess weighing applications. Made of stainless-steel, they feature a no-cost NPT conduit adapter and hermetic sealing to IP 68 for protection from moisture. A Hardy C2 memory chip allows electronic calibration in seconds without test weights. All Advantage load points are NTEP Class III.
Hardy Instruments  

 FastTest connectors

Refrigeration Quick Disconnect (RQD) offers reliable connections to refrigerant lines for charging or evacuating cooling appliances and applications under high pressure. It is rated up to 750 psi., and delivers safe, repeatable high-pressure connections to 1/4-in. and 3/8-in. male PCU, Hansen or similar tips. Its locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnect under pressure. On disconnect, the RQD vents residual pressure with minimal media loss. 

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Trzeba tylko przeciwnie zas nawiazac znajomosc z przekazami sklepów internetowych skupiajacych sie glównie na dzisiejszych i praktycznych narzedziach jak i przyrzadach. U nich powinna byc naprawde dostepna przynajmniej jedna pompka do czlonka, jaka petent bedzie mógl zaraz nabyc, by po paru dniach dostac ja prosto do swojego mieszkania wzglednie domu. Dzieki temu w sposób czujny zgotuje swoja potrzebe, bowiem dla niektórych nabycie takiej pompki w sklepie stacjonarnym byloby dosc tyranizujaca sytuacja. A naprawde ani troche trzeba sie z nia zmagac, poniewaz wystarczy "wybrac" sie na zakupy do Internetu. Sklepy internetowe kategorycznie uproscily ludziom zycie, dzieki temu warto niekiedy skorzystac z ich propozycje. To u nich mozna zaklepac nieziemskie towary, a wiec rzecz jasna te rewelacyjnie funkcjonujace pompki do fallusa. Kazdy jegomosc powinien sie w nie zlozyc.Apteke bodaj kazdy ma gdzies pod reka wlasnego domku, bo jest to jeden z wazniejszych punktów sprzedazowych, w którym kazdy od czasu do momentu robi zakupy. Ludzie spiesza sie do aptek, aby zdobyc dla siebie lekarstwa, z odsiecza których przezwycieza pewne bolaczki lub przypadlosci. Warto tymczasem dopowiedziec, ze apteka to nie tylko same srodki i zalaczniki, lecz tez preparaty na powiekszenie fallusa i w duzej mierze wiecej atrakcyjnych rzeczy. czasem z tej przyczyny warto do niej sie przejsc i zauwazyc, co ona takiego w sobie ma, iz odwiedzaja ja wszyscy ludzie.Co atrakcyjnego mozna znalezc w aptece?Praktycznie kazda apteka jest juz posortowana na konkretne dzialy, a dla kazdego z nich przygotowano bodaj pare pólek z róznymi srodkami. Jeden dzial na bank bedzie poswiecony na pielegnacje ciala, czyli podrzutkiem sie w nim preparaty pielegnacyjne czy tez szablonowy kosmetyki. Wszystkie te rzeczy mozna niewatpliwie nabywac w drogerii, jednak wtedy nie ma sie pewnosci, ze beda one bezpieczne i czerstwe dla karnacje. A uczuleniowcy musza sadzic na drogeryjne preparaty, jako ze one nierzadko wywoluja nieznosne odpowiedzi uczulone i podrazniaja jedwabny naskórek. Nie chcac miec klopotów z takimi rzeczami, po kosmetyki wskazane jest przesiac sie do apteki, poniewaz osiagalne w niej preparaty pielegnacyjne dniami i nocami beda miec nieskomplikowany i bezpieczny dla osobnika sklad. Takim samym, normalnym skladem moga zaaprobowac sie preparaty na powiekszenie fallusa, które w aptekach takze bardzo czesto mozna wypatrzyc. Wystarczy spytac o srodki dzialajace swietnie na miejsca intymne, by siegnac po preparat o nietuzinkowym funkcjonowaniu i pierwszorzednych wlasnosciach. Dla kobiet apteki równiez spreparowaly cos w tej dziedzinie, poniewaz oferuja im na pewno nie tylko gaziki i podpaski, ale równiez malenkie kubeczki menstruacyjne. Sa one nadzwyczaj modne i komfortowe, poniewaz tylko trzeba wsadzic je do pochwy, azeby móc bez ograniczen korzystac z zycia nawet w czasie mozolnych dni. Kubeczki sprawdza sie wiec u dam zapracowanych i tych, które nie chca wyrzekac sie ze zblizen szczerze w zyciu. Nie musza tego naprawde wcale czynic.


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