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  • Guided Wave Radar at Genentech

    A Novel Technique for Non-invasive Volume Measurement in Disposable Bioprocess Bags

    Bryan Bean, Tim Matthews, Neria Daniel, Steve Ward, Brad Wolk, Genentech, Inc.
  • Voices of Experience

    Some Users Ask Us for Transmitters with 0.10% Accuracy, and Then Buy a Sensor That’s Off by Up to 10 °F at Different Temperature Levels

  • Catch the Level Buzz

    Level Sensors Meet New Environmental Concerns and New Demand in China and India

  • Continuous Level Measurement; Noise Filters

    “Ask the Experts,” on, is moderated by noted process control authority Béla Lipták. Béla and his cadre of leading experts in process automation, recruited from among the co-authors of the Instrument Engineer’s Handbook 4th Edition, are “in the box” all month answering process control questions from all comers.

  • How to Measure pH Inside a Tank; Increasing Scan Times

    A reader wants to know about pH measurement and control systems for a biphasic (organic-plus-water-based) reaction, while another one wonders if there is ever a reason to lower the frequency of execution of the PID execution in scanning controllers (in other words, scan the PID instruction less often by increasing the loop update time).

  • Keeping on the Level

    Measuring the Level of Solids Can Be Tricky. Ultrasonic and Laser Measurement May Be the Answer

  • Difficult Level Measurements

    “Ask the Experts” is moderated by noted process control authority Béla Lipták (, editor of the Instrument Engineer’s Handbook. In this column, he and his co-authors welcome questions concerning process measurement or control. Please include P&ID drawings using ISA symbols to illustrate questions where necessary.

  • Just the Right Amount of Starch

    National Starch digitally monitors pressure, flow, level, conductivity, pH and weight instruments via fieldbus.

  • The best level technology for you

    In this month's installmnet of Product Roundup, we focus on level measurement methods in control systems and instrumentation that might just help you solve a process problem or two.

    Patti Pool
  • First the application, then the product

    CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes defines a range of applications and types of level measurement devices and techniques used for figuring out even the most complex level measurement problems.

  • Staying on the level

    Every month, CONTROL’s editors take a specific product area, collect all the latest, significant tools we can find and present them here to make your job easier. This month, we focus on level measurement.

  • Diagramming drum level control

    Harold Wade suggest a few additional points be made to the three-element boiler level control figures in a previous article that show how signals from the steam flow FT and the drum LT combine in the LIC.

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