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  • Eliminating the Control Valve

    Valves Are Energy Hogs; They Stick; They're Prone to Mechanical Failure. So Why the Reluctance to Replace Them With VFDs?

  • Why Your CFO Loves VFDs

    Variable-Frequency Drives, the Right Software and Motor-Control Centers Push Energy Savings to the Bottom Line

  • Cooling Tower Fans Driven by Less

    The technologies of permanent magnet rotors, finned laminated frames and specialized drives converged to produce the high power density at low rpm needed to fit the system into the available space

  • Diagnostic Motor Problems

    Keep Your Motors Humming. Diagnostics Can tell You When a Motor Is Having Problems, but You May Still Need to Keep Your Meters and Meggers Available

  • Getting Up to Smart Speed

    Use Variable Speed Drives to Save Money, but Gain Even More by Thinking Strategically and Picking Projects Carefully

  • Grow Up, Get Down, Get Green

    Increasingly Capable Drives and Motor Controls Are Moving into More Diverse, Smaller-Ticket Applications, as Well as Helping Users Gain the Operating Efficiencies to Meet Green Initiatives

  • Choosing motor controls and drives

    In any industrial control application, using the right drives and motor controls can make or break the project, and also can make a huge difference in how well those applications perform.

  • So much to learn, so little time

    Process control authority Bela Liptak brings in specialists from his cadre of co-authors to answer a reader's question. Find out which books and online courses they recommend for continued education.

  • Lost in translation

    This month's Tales From the Front submission to CONTROL, by frequent contributor Loren Jones, advises us to spell directions out exactly as the boss gives them to us, so that we don't get lost along the way, too!

  • Taking the heat for replacing a brush hot

    Contributing writer and controls technician Loren Jones proves in this “exclusive to the web” feature that he can’t keep his big mouth shut, and learns that just because you can doesn’t always mean you should.

  • Motor drives "hunt" for success

    MalAsia strikes drive manufacturers, but motion control is stepping up, according to CONTROL Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt's Product Roundup of motor drives and motion control devices.

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