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  • Orifice Flow Measurement Accuracy

    How to Calculate the Zero and Span Errors Caused by the Differences in Temperatures and Pressures Between Calibration and Actual

    Bela Liptak
  • Temperature Control with Slow Boilers

    Not Sure What to Do with Tempered Water System and Heating to Exothermic Reactor. What's the Difference between Smart Actuators and Smart Positioners? Check What Our Experts Have to Say

  • Cooling Tower Fans Driven by Less

    The technologies of permanent magnet rotors, finned laminated frames and specialized drives converged to produce the high power density at low rpm needed to fit the system into the available space

  • Extending the Sensor Network

    How Many Pressure and Temperature Gauges (2-1/2", 4," 6" Round, Magnehelics, etc.) Are There In Your Plant?

  • Aluminum anodizing temperature control

    “Ask the Experts” on is moderated by noted process control authority Béla Lipták. Béla and his cadre of leading experts in process automation, recruited from among the co-authors of the Instrument Engineer’s Handbook 4th Edition, are “in the box” all month answering process control questions from all comers. The best will be published here. For clarity, questions should be accompanied by P&ID sketches using ISA symbols.

    Bela Liptak
  • Regulating inlet fluid temperature

    In this installment of Ask the Experts, Béla Lipták and his cadre of leading experts in process automation, share tips on regulating inlet fluid temperature and controlling the stroking time of a control valve.

  • Three-element boiler control system

    Ask the Experts” is moderated by Béla Lipták, editor of the three-volume Instrument Engineer’s Handbook. In this column, he welcomes questions from the readers concerning process control and automation problems.

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