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  • Old Valves, New Tricks

    Whether by Adding Intelligence and Networking or by Refining Traditional Hardware, Actuators and Positioners Continue to Gain New Capabilities to Help Their Users Operate More Efficiently and Reliably

  • Ready for Control in the Field?

    When The Loop’s Valve Positioner Loses Power, the Loop Will Experience an Upset No Matter Where the PID Is Solved

  • Does Valve Size Matter? Ethernet or Modbus?

    Is it mandatory that control valve body size shall be not less than the half of the upstream nominal line size? If yes, why? Should we use Ethernet or Modbus in communicating to the H1\HSE-to-DCS link?

  • Regulating inlet fluid temperature

    In this installment of Ask the Experts, Béla Lipták and his cadre of leading experts in process automation, share tips on regulating inlet fluid temperature and controlling the stroking time of a control valve.

  • Control valves for slurry service

    In this installment of Ask The Experts, noted process control authority and CONTROL Columnist Béla Lipták and his cadre of automation experts answer a reader’s question regarding control valves for slurry services.

  • Final control

    What’s the latest on control valves? Editor in Chief Walt Boyes takes a look at the current marketplace for the final element that all control stuff is aimed at—the control valve that produces the end result.

    Walt Boyes
  • Something’s fishy at the water treatment plant

    The new Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta reuses millions of gallons of water and requires constant monitoring of its complex, closed-loop filtration system, ultimately leaving only small amounts of sludge.

  • Sensing leakage and emissions at the valve

    Process control authority Bela Liptak brings in specialists from his cadre of co-authors to answer a reader's question regarding future trends of sensing emissions at the valve.

  • Download the new control valve handbook here!

    The Control Valve Handbook, Fourth Edition, is now available online. This latest version presents information on control valve performance and new technologies, and includes input from experts in the field.

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