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  • A Mixed Bag

    Control’s 2008 Salary Survey Reveals Some Industry and Economic Shifts. Our Veterans Grow Strong Within the Process Control Industry and Their Job Roles, but Where Are Younger Professionals Going to Come From?

  • Is PAT a Silver Bullet?

    Ready to Kill Some Werewolves? Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) Are Beginning to Inject Quality-by-Design (QbD), Model-Predictive Control, Risk Management and Other Well-Known Process Control Methods into Long-Resistant Pharmaceutical Applications

  • PAT Expanded Coverage

    Expanded Coverage, Videos About Broadley-James, Audio Interviews, and PAT Stories and Other Resources from Control’s Sister Publication, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Process Hero

    Simulation Software Rocks for Training, but Its Benefits Go Way Beyond Teaching to Aiding Design, Optimization, Maintenance and Life-Cycle Management. Here’s How Savvy Users are Gaining Simulation’s Full Advantages

  • Pulling Together on Asset Management?

    Users Are Implementing New Preventive Maintenance, Condition-Based and Optimization Tools in More Settings. Here's How They Make Asset Management Pay Off If They Can Get Their Staffs to Use It.

  • A Dynamic Duo

    Digital Valve Controllers Linked to Asset Management Systems Offer a Double-Barreled Approach to Valve Maintenance.

  • Six Sigma Alarm Management Part 2

    Monsanto’s Soda Springs, Idaho, Phosphorus Plant Had Too Many Alarms, Until a Special Team Applied the Six Sigma DMAIC Tool to the Situation.

  • Six Sigma Alarm Management

    Six Sigma Methods Bring Order to Alarm Chaos at Monsanto’s Soda Springs, Id., Phosphorus Plant

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