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  • Can Operators Hear the Fieldbus Music?

    Operators May Not Care Much About How Our "Machines" Deliver Information, What They Care About Is the Devices Work Properly and Deliver the Right Information

    John Rezabek
  • Missing Links: The Current Status of Manufacturing Technology

    The Missing Technologies Are Smarter I/O, Virtualization for Hardware and Testing, the DICED Capabilities, a Third-Party Interface Solution Using Ethernet, Standardized HMI, the IEC 61850 Standard for Communications in Substations, and a Suitable Wireless System

    Paul Studebaker
  • Fieldbus Protocols Support All Processes

    Flock of Fieldbuses - The Remaining Fieldbus Protocols May Not Be Getting Glamorous, Hollywood-Style Buzz Anymore, but They're Still Going Strong

    Jim Montague
  • Fieldbuses Uplift All Processes

    Low-Power, Twisted-Pair Fieldbuses Are Still Replacing Old Point-to-Point Wiring, Delivering Better Data and Using Their Ethernet and Wireless Versions to Support New and Revamped Process Applications Worldwide

    Jim Montague
  • Process Analysis Powered by Pervasive Sensors

    If We Want to Take Wireless Technology to the Next Level and Identify the "Killer App," We'll Have to Stop Thinking of How to Do Wired Projects Wirelessly and Instead Replace Terminations With Connections

    Ian Verhappen
  • Cyber Vulnerabilities

    Defending Targeted Attacks Is a Higher Bar. Focus on Prevention Alone Is Probably a Mistake

    Bryan Owen
  • Automation Project Priorities: This Isn't Disney

    How Often Is It That Project Priorities Align Favorably With Those of the Operate-and-Maintain Organization That's Expected to Run the Plant Safely, Reliably and Profitably?

    John Rezabek
  • Fieldbus: Do Fence Me In!

    Just Because You Can Put 12 Devices on Each Fieldbus Segment, Doesn't Mean You Should

    John Rezabek
  • Process Apps in the Cloud

    Using High-Fidelity Modeling and Novel Sensors, Real-Time Control and Optimization Can Achieve Big Reductions in Energy Consumption

    Dan Hebert
  • What's Hiding in the Cloud?

    A Factory in the Cloud Sounds Like Science Fiction, but We're Heading There, at Least for Some Applications. Here's How to Clear Away the Mist to Get the Most from This Technology

    Dan Hebert
  • Cloud-Based Asset Management

    Suppliers Can Use the Cloud to Provide Remote Access to End Users, and to Analyze Data for Asset Management and Other Purposes

    Dan Hebert
  • Cybersecurity Still Matters

    It Is Highly Unlikely That Another 9/11-Style Attack Could happen Here. Terrorists Will Move to Cyber Attacks and Combinations of Cyber and Physical Assaults. We Can't Prevent That Kind of Attack Entirely. We Can, However, Make It Hard to Do

    Walt Boyes
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