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  • Computers in a Nutshell

    Industrial PCs Can Take Almost Any Form These Days, but Many Users Still Need Protected and Enclosed Hard Drives, Screens, Keyboards and Other Interfaces in Increasingly Harsh and Varied Settings

  • Flowmeters, Multi-Lingual Keyboards, DCS/PLC Websites

    Problems Selection Flowmeters? Problems Switching Between Languages and Alphabets in Control Systems? Problems Finding DCS, PLCs and Field Instrumentation Websites? Find Out How Our Experts Can Help

  • PLCs and PACs

    Control's Monthly Resource Guide. This Month We Take a Look at PLCs and PACs

  • PLC Programming

    The Three Top Reasons Why RLL - Ladder Logic - Remains the Control Language of Choice of PLC Users Worldwide Are - It's Easy to Learn, Robust to Use and Offers Transparency Across Platforms

  • PLCs, PACs and DCSs Can Do Windows

    The Capability of Today's PC-Based Industrial Computers Are Overcoming Engineers' Resistance to "the Wal-Mart of Operating Systems"

  • Gas Blanketing Controls and How to Contribute to IEH v.5

    A Process Engineer Has Concerns About the Standard Split-Range Nitrogen Blanketing on a Vessel Done with a DCS PID Controller with Separate Analog Outputs to Each Valve. If Everything Is Properly Sized and Tuned, There Should Not Be Any Issues, Right?

  • Evolution

    Process Control Software Expands to Meet Today’s Evolving Needs

  • Looking Forward

    Industrial Computer Vendors Give You a Glimpse into the Future.

  • Loggers Keep Feeding Data-Hungry Users

    Recorders and DAQs Have Survived the Advent of PCs, Adapted to Cooperate with Software-Based Historians and Continue to Serve in Applications Where Computers Can't Go

  • Process Hero

    Simulation Software Rocks for Training, but Its Benefits Go Way Beyond Teaching to Aiding Design, Optimization, Maintenance and Life-Cycle Management. Here’s How Savvy Users are Gaining Simulation’s Full Advantages

  • A Dynamic Duo

    Digital Valve Controllers Linked to Asset Management Systems Offer a Double-Barreled Approach to Valve Maintenance.

  • Networking the Loop

    Networked Ethernet, DeviceNet and Distributed Nodes Let Loop Controllers Speak

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