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  • Flowmeters, Multi-Lingual Keyboards, DCS/PLC Websites

    Problems Selection Flowmeters? Problems Switching Between Languages and Alphabets in Control Systems? Problems Finding DCS, PLCs and Field Instrumentation Websites? Find Out How Our Experts Can Help

  • PLCs and PACs

    Control's Monthly Resource Guide. This Month We Take a Look at PLCs and PACs

  • PLC Programming

    The Three Top Reasons Why RLL - Ladder Logic - Remains the Control Language of Choice of PLC Users Worldwide Are - It's Easy to Learn, Robust to Use and Offers Transparency Across Platforms

  • PLCs, PACs and DCSs Can Do Windows

    The Capability of Today's PC-Based Industrial Computers Are Overcoming Engineers' Resistance to "the Wal-Mart of Operating Systems"

  • Gas Blanketing Controls and How to Contribute to IEH v.5

    A Process Engineer Has Concerns About the Standard Split-Range Nitrogen Blanketing on a Vessel Done with a DCS PID Controller with Separate Analog Outputs to Each Valve. If Everything Is Properly Sized and Tuned, There Should Not Be Any Issues, Right?

  • Evolution

    Process Control Software Expands to Meet Today’s Evolving Needs

  • Looking Forward

    Industrial Computer Vendors Give You a Glimpse into the Future.

  • Loggers Keep Feeding Data-Hungry Users

    Recorders and DAQs Have Survived the Advent of PCs, Adapted to Cooperate with Software-Based Historians and Continue to Serve in Applications Where Computers Can't Go

  • Process Hero

    Simulation Software Rocks for Training, but Its Benefits Go Way Beyond Teaching to Aiding Design, Optimization, Maintenance and Life-Cycle Management. Here’s How Savvy Users are Gaining Simulation’s Full Advantages

  • A Dynamic Duo

    Digital Valve Controllers Linked to Asset Management Systems Offer a Double-Barreled Approach to Valve Maintenance.

  • Networking the Loop

    Networked Ethernet, DeviceNet and Distributed Nodes Let Loop Controllers Speak

  • Watch Your Mouth

    Did We Truly Need to Replace Programmable Logic Controllers with Programmable Automation Controllers? Why Not Just Call Them Computers and Leave It at That?

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