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  • Beyond the Eyes

    Process Control Applications Are Designed, Built and Operated by People With the Usual Eyeballs, Therefore They're Subject to Blinders Imposed on Sight

    Jim Montague
  • Valero's Good Examples

    Automation in the Refinery of Today It's Not Business as Usual

    Jim Montague
  • Everybody on Board

    End Users, Process Control Engineers, Integrators and Suppliers Are All Getting On the Sustainability Bandwagon With All Kinds of Green Applications. Here's How They Do It

    Jim Montague
  • HMI/SCADA Software Aids Water/Wastewater Revamp

    Enid, Oklahoma's Water Production and Technical Services Departments Upgrade Their HMI/SCADA Systems and Controls With Iconics's Genesis64 64-bit HMI/SCADA Software

    Jim Montague
  • Intrinsic Safety Innovations

    Executive Editor Jim Montague Takes a Look at White Papers from Moore Industries International and Pepperl+Fuchs on Recent Innovations in Intrinsic Safety

    Jim Montague
  • Microbrewery Grows Big With Micro PLC

    Coastal Electric Uses Idec's Micro PLC to Automate Greenflash Brewing's New Plant in San Diego and Preserve Its Small-Batch Processes, While Brewing Five Times More Beer

    Jim Montague
  • Pictures Beat Words

    The Industry Needs Rebranding. Young People Today Think That Working in Power or Petrochemical Plants Involve Shoveling Coal, But A Graphical Presentation Can Easily Change This Point of View

    Jim Montague
  • Power Supplies Take Sophisticated Paths

    Using Many of the Same Data Processing Tools and Software as Process Controllers, Power Supplies Are Diversifying Their Capabilities and Serving in Many New and Different Applications

    Jim Montague
  • Safety Stories - So What?

    Maybe Everyone is Doing a Great Job, and This Seemingly Unending Series of Accidents Is Just Statistics Catching Up With Us

    Jim Montague
  • SCADA Update Protects Potable Production

    Windsor Utilities Commission Bolsters Its Water Production System With Data Tracking-and-Tracing Capabilities and Some Wireless Controls

    Jim Montague
  • Process Simulation Pans Out for Goldmine

    Barrick Gold Is Using Mynah's MiMiC Software to Simulate Multiple Processes for Training Operators and Improving Performance at Its New, $3.7-Billion Gold Mine in the Dominican Republic

    Jim Montague
  • The Control Room of the Future - Smarter Reality

    The Control Room of the Future Will Put a World of Science-Fiction Tools at Operators' Fingertips - but They'll Only Be Effective if Designers, Engineers and Operators Jointly Plan Ahead and Use Them to Serve Practical, Functional Needs

    Jim Montague
  • Precious Water

    Don't Take Water for Granted. See How New Controls Maintain the Reliability of Water Production System and Read Case Studies on Water Collection and Treatment Applications

    Jim Montague
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