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  • Is HART Fact or Fiction?

    HART is Here to Stay, but End Users Still Need to Be Educated to Get Its Full Value

    James Powell, Stefan Gross
  • Training simulators smooth operations

    Simulators pay for themselves with fewer trips and incidents, wrinkle-free transitions, knowledge capture and process improvements.

    Janice Abel and Rick Rys, ARC Advisory Group
  • Advanced process control? "Think" it so!

    Humans replacing PLCs? This "special to the web" article for ponders the possibility of process operators controlling a myriad of automation control systems using only thought!

    Jeffrey R. Harrow
  • Living control systems?

    Self-reconfiguring and assembling devices may have some surprising unintended consequences. We’re talking the potential for almost unlimited versatility that could change the international balance of trade.

    Jeffrey R. Harrow
  • Through A Looking Glass Brightly

    Cutting-edge viewing technology can potentially simplify the presentation of process control system information

    Jeffrey R. Harrow
  • On the same page

    Many plant-floor engineers and IT technicians report they’re coming to a new appreciation of the efficiencies and savings that can be generated by simply integrating their industrial and corporate networks.

    Jim Montague
  • Can Foundation fieldbus (FF) stay hungry?

    FF may be facing unexpected challenges in its task to remain useful as it integrates ever more closely with EDDL, COTS Ethernet, and Internet-bsed and/or wireless networking. Executive Editor Jim Montague reports.

    Jim Montague
  • Uncertain safety

    Users seeking appropriate process safety systems aren’t getting enough help from unspecific standards and ideal-world certifications. Here’s how to gain useful safety capabilities in a buyer-beware world.

    Jim Montague
  • Can we Talk?

    There is some major-league wriggling going on as participants try to avoid simply discussing whether many U.S. oil and gas producers and their supporting industries are doing their best on process safety.

    Jim Montague
  • Get up, out and about

    Though some engineers say their industries and job prospects have recovered recently, many say that their administrators’ main mission is to wring as much short-term cash as possible from their operations.

    Jim Montague
  • Payback time

    The best-paid engineers and technical professionals answering our 2007 Salary Survey are growing more numerous and collecting bigger bonuses, while their lower-paid colleagues are decreasing.

    Jim Montague
  • Maybe You Didn’t Hear Me

    Why do engineers and their companies tolerate safety standards that aren’t enforced until after accidents occur, and why do they accept safety device certifications that only cover compliance in lab-based settings?

    Jim Montague
  • Action Figures of Summer

    Jim Montague talks about the few process control-related heroes found in the mainstream media and in less-hyped branches of literature and the fine arts.

    Jim Montague
  • Automation Process Knowledge Management

    Tribal Knowledge - New Tools Are Putting Process Know-How into Online Pools, Letting Newbies Access More Useful Knowledge, and Even Awakening Some On-the-Job Training Efforts

    Jim Montague
  • First Aid for Process Security

    Viruses and Cyber Attacks ARE Looming. Help From Governments and Standards Is Lacking. Some Engineers and Managers Are Fighting Back to Protect Their Applications and Companies. Here's How They Do It

    Jim Montague
  • Serious Sustainability

    There's a Lot More to Truly Going Green Than Efficiency. Here's How Some Experienced End Users and Their Applications Are Mastering Process Sustainability

    Jim Montague
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