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  • Maybe You Didn’t Hear Me

    Why do engineers and their companies tolerate safety standards that aren’t enforced until after accidents occur, and why do they accept safety device certifications that only cover compliance in lab-based settings?

    Jim Montague
  • Action Figures of Summer

    Jim Montague talks about the few process control-related heroes found in the mainstream media and in less-hyped branches of literature and the fine arts.

    Jim Montague
  • Automation Process Knowledge Management

    Tribal Knowledge - New Tools Are Putting Process Know-How into Online Pools, Letting Newbies Access More Useful Knowledge, and Even Awakening Some On-the-Job Training Efforts

    Jim Montague
  • First Aid for Process Security

    Viruses and Cyber Attacks ARE Looming. Help From Governments and Standards Is Lacking. Some Engineers and Managers Are Fighting Back to Protect Their Applications and Companies. Here's How They Do It

    Jim Montague
  • Serious Sustainability

    There's a Lot More to Truly Going Green Than Efficiency. Here's How Some Experienced End Users and Their Applications Are Mastering Process Sustainability

    Jim Montague
  • Airbags for Intrinsic Safety

    It Is Crucial to Learn About IS, It Is Also Vital to Learn How It Can Be Aided by HPT, DART and Other Coming Tools

    Jim Montague
  • Search for the Asset Management, Part II

    GlaxoSmithKline, Beamex and Emerson Process Management team up to streamline calibration and asset software - and use far less paper-at GSK's plant in Cork, Ireland.

    Jim Montague
  • Beyond the Eyes

    Process Control Applications Are Designed, Built and Operated by People With the Usual Eyeballs, Therefore They're Subject to Blinders Imposed on Sight

    Jim Montague
  • Valero's Good Examples

    Automation in the Refinery of Today It's Not Business as Usual

    Jim Montague
  • Everybody on Board

    End Users, Process Control Engineers, Integrators and Suppliers Are All Getting On the Sustainability Bandwagon With All Kinds of Green Applications. Here's How They Do It

    Jim Montague
  • HMI/SCADA Software Aids Water/Wastewater Revamp

    Enid, Oklahoma's Water Production and Technical Services Departments Upgrade Their HMI/SCADA Systems and Controls With Iconics's Genesis64 64-bit HMI/SCADA Software

    Jim Montague
  • Intrinsic Safety Innovations

    Executive Editor Jim Montague Takes a Look at White Papers from Moore Industries International and Pepperl+Fuchs on Recent Innovations in Intrinsic Safety

    Jim Montague
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