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  • Difficult Level Measurements

    “Ask the Experts” is moderated by noted process control authority Béla Lipták (, editor of the Instrument Engineer’s Handbook. In this column, he and his co-authors welcome questions concerning process measurement or control. Please include P&ID drawings using ISA symbols to illustrate questions where necessary.

  • Diagramming drum level control

    Harold Wade suggest a few additional points be made to the three-element boiler level control figures in a previous article that show how signals from the steam flow FT and the drum LT combine in the LIC.

  • Diagnostic Motor Problems

    Keep Your Motors Humming. Diagnostics Can tell You When a Motor Is Having Problems, but You May Still Need to Keep Your Meters and Meggers Available

  • Diagnosing Final Control Elements

    McMillan and Weiner Ask James Beall What Was the Biggest Step Forward that Helped Him Improve Valve Performance

    Greg McMillan, Stan Weiner
  • Deterministic networking on Ethernet

    Andreas Pfeiffer writes that if Ethernet has any hope of becoming an automation control standard, time-deterministic control must coexist within a single message format with non-real-time data.

  • Detecting Bunker C Oil Mass Flow

    “Ask the Experts,” on, is moderated by noted process control authority Béla Lipták. Béla and his cadre of leading experts in process automation, recruited from among the co-authors of the Instrument Engineer’s Handbook 4th Edition, are “in the box” all month answering process control questions from all comers. The best will be published here. In order to eliminate misunderstandings, please include P&ID sketches using ISA symbols with your questions.

  • Deploying wireless safely and securely

    Wireless is expanding into more tight places and remote process applications than ever before. Here's how it's deployed safely and securely.

    Jim Montague
  • Demo room awash in innovations at HUG 2015

    Solutions for every stage of the process sensing, instrumentation, analysis, interface, networking and control experience light up exhibition space at Honeywell User Group America 2015.

    Jim Montague
  • Demand the Highest Value

    Determine Your "Top X" Projects and Have Honeywell Help You Get Them Done

    Paul Studebaker
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