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  • Does DCS Have a Future?

    We Asked Systems Integrators and Vendors What Distributed Control Systems Are and We Got Answers. Is It HMI/SCADA?

  • Documenting Process Calibrator Aids Validation

    The Beamex MC4 is a compact, portable documenting process calibrator capable of calibrating many process parameters, such as temperature, pressure and electrical and analog control signals.

  • Do you need a single-source middleware solution?

    As integrated middleware solutions vie with best-of-breed products, Senior Tech Editor Dan Hebert wonders if there will ever be a true integrated solution that covers the entire middleware space?

  • Do Not Be Afraid

    We Don't Fear Technology Taking Over Our Jobs, We Fear Having to Use New Technology at the Workplace
  • DMI Acquisition Strengthens Emerson MES Offering

    Walt Boyes, editor-in-chief of Control, interviews Frank Grywalski, president of Emerson/DMI, along with Bob Schiros of DMI and Bob Lenich, director of data management services and solutions for Emerson Process Management.

  • Distributing Production Data

    Using Remote Monitoring Sites, Dart Oil and Gas Uses Flow Computers to Monitor and Record Gas Flow Data

    Dan Hebert
  • Distributed Safety Arrives

    Just Like Distributed Control, Distributed Safety Is Coming Soon to a Process Plant Near You, Maybe Your Own

    Dan Hebert
  • Distributed intelligence stands alone

    To make server-based systems work, the real-time controls have to go it alone when necessary. CONTROL Senior Tech Editor Rich Merritt takes a look at some of the distributed intelligence that makes it all possible.

  • Distributed intelligence

    Sometime in the next year or so, companies are going to release control products that will dramatically change the landscape of the automation and process control industry in ways never dreamed possible.

    Rich Merritt, Senior Technical Editor
  • Distillation, Part 5: Multiple Products

    In Part 5 of this series on distillation control and optimization, we find that adding a side-stream component to your process gives an additional degree of freedom, but makes it even more essential to not mismatch the variables.

    Bela Liptak
  • Distillation control and optimization, Part 1

    CONTROL columnist Bela Liptak describes the distillation process and PID-based controls, reviews optimization strategies, and shows how advanced controls can cut operating costs of distillation.

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