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  • Cybersecurity Still Matters

    It Is Highly Unlikely That Another 9/11-Style Attack Could happen Here. Terrorists Will Move to Cyber Attacks and Combinations of Cyber and Physical Assaults. We Can't Prevent That Kind of Attack Entirely. We Can, However, Make It Hard to Do

    Walt Boyes
  • Cybersecurity myths and 'mythnomers'

    Cybersecurity is always a consideration in the design and operation of any digital communications network. Fortunately, when the WSN protocols were being developed, the people doing so were aware of the cybersecurity issue

    Ian Verhappen, P.Eng
  • Cybersecurity makes The Connected Enterprise possible

    Experts from Shell, Cisco, AT&T, Microsoft and Rockwell Automation show how cybersecurity tools can benefit real-world applications during panel discussion at Automation Perspectives media event

    Jim Montague, executive editor, Control
  • Cybersecurity in Your Safety DNA

    If Your Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Programs Aren't Intertwined, You May Not Be as Safe as You Think

    Walt Boyes
  • Cybersecurity defense is not so easy

    Most cyber-threats, viruses and malware change and multiply so quickly, any useful response must follow up and evolve just as fast

    Jim Montague, executive editor, Control
  • Cyber-Living. Are We Safe Enough?

    We Think That the Security Settings We Put In Place Online Are Safe Enough, But the Reality Is That We All Are Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

    Katherine Bonfante
  • Cyber vulnerabilities in control systems

    As steps are being taken to ensure the cybersecurity of control systems in the automation industries, securing and maintaining these systems will require employees to have more operations and IT experience.

  • Cyber Vulnerabilities

    Defending Targeted Attacks Is a Higher Bar. Focus on Prevention Alone Is Probably a Mistake

    Bryan Owen
  • Cyber security interview with Kevin Staggs

    Honeywell global security architect Kevin Staggs sits down with CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes to discuss the changing process control security landscape.

  • Cyber security for the electric sector

    This article addresses the compliance cost of NERC attack prevention standards in the electric power distribution industry and just how little work gets done in a typical plant when the network is down.

  • Cyber Automation

    Words and pictures are fine, but they don't move. Come explore additional online resources on automation. Watch videos and listen to podcasts and enhance your understanding of the subject matter.

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