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  • Bonkers vortex meter spells double trouble

    Control Talk columnists Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner offer up a bit of humor along with the answer to April's Puzzler on why a vortex meter measuring toothpaste went bonkers.

  • Bolick outlines vision for Honeywell faithful

    Amid sound, lights and patter from a semi-virtual emcee, Honeywell Process Systems President Jack Bolick opened the 32nd annual U.S. User Group meeting in Phoenix by outlining company plans.

  • Boldly Going Without Wires

    From setup and teardown to predictive maintenance and environmental monitoring, WirelessHART is proving its mettle in the control room, in the field and literally down the road.

  • Boiling water is easy as one, two, three, four

    There’s more to boiler level control than measuring level and adjusting a feedwater valve. Improved measurements and inverse response are just a few of the influences on operating boilers in a reliable manner.

  • Boiler Tuning Question

    What Is the Best Method to Tune PID Values for Three-Element Drum Level Control in the Boiler?

    Somnath Kelkar
  • Boiler Efficiencies Optimized at Arkema

    Robert Horton of ABB Optimization Services Explained How Chemical Manufacturer Arkema Made His Team’s Services Pay Off in Less Than Six Months

  • Blood and guts

    Executive Editor Jim Montague notes that taking a closer look at biological processes can help adapt or improve existing process controls and systems. Read why in this month's installment of Control Report.

  • Bitten by the Microblogging Bug

    More Interesting Than "What Am I doing Now?" Are the Answers to "What Am I Thinking Now?" and "What Do I Find Important Now?"

  • Birds of a Feather

    If You Recognize Your Peers and Competitors Attending or Presenting at a Trade Group Seminar, Then You May Have Found Your Home

  • Biomass fuel production gets sweeter

    Improved instrumentation and control strategies allow biofuel producers to reap the benefits of new processing techniques and advanced control strategies. CONTROL Contributor David W. Spitzer reports.

    David W. Spitzer
  • Biodiesel Production Can Be Safe and Efficient

    See How Greenleaf Biofuels Built Its Biodiesel Production Plant Within the Fuel Storage Tank Farm of New Haven Harbor in Conn. to Provide Easy Access to Truck, Rail, Barge and Deep-Water Vessel Delivery Points

    Gus Kellogg, Rahul Bobbili, Dianna Overmyer
  • Big-Time Condition Monitoring

    Condition Monitoring Is More Than Walking Around the Plant With a Data Logger and a Clipboard. Done Big Time, It Can Save You Millions of Dollars

  • Big Savings

    A Little Curiosity and an Encouraging Government Program or Two Can Help

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