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  • Editor in Chief: It's Good to Be Back

    Paul Studebaker Has Returned to Control With Every Bit of the Perspective You Might Imagine He Would Pick Up from Rubbing His Nose for 10 Years in Sustainability and Asset Management

    Paul Studebaker
  • EDDL cooperation extended

    Under the latest agreement, a joint maintenance team comprised of the Fieldbus Foundation, Profibus International, the Hart Communication Foundation and the OPC Foundation is in place to further develop EDDL technology. IAInsider's Andrew Bond reports.

  • Economic Controls; Cooling Tower Optimization

    Readers' Ask Our Expert, Bela Lipatk, What His Opinion Is on Keen's Approach to Debuning Economics and to Give Some Advice on the Conceptual Design of Cooling Tower Optimization

  • Easy Oscilloscopes for All Buses

    Troubleshooting Fieldbus Is Rarely Straightforward. One Might Need to Disconnect Segments and Shoot Them With Oscilloscopes and Meters

  • Easy asset management

    There's no need to spend a lot more, just take advantage of the infrastructure already in place

    Ian Verhappen, P.Eng
  • Easier Commissioning with Wireless

    With a Capable System, the End User Is Mouse-Clicks Away From Knowing 99% of What He Needs to Know About the Device Without Ever Lifting a Wire

  • EAM Online

    EAM—is there any “there” there? Check out our additional online resources on EAM.

  • Eagle Mine takes wireless underground

    Nickel and copper mine and mill in Michigan’s U.P. uses WirelessHART for vibration monitoring and other instruments to cut costs, improve safety and increase throughput.

    John Berglund
  • Dynamic world of modeling and control

    Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner discuss dynamic modeling with Julie Smith, global automation and process control technology leader at DuPont.

    Greg McMillan & Stan Weiner
  • Dynamic simulation aids recycling plant redesign

    A poor design and high consumption costs shut this Pennsylvania paper recycling plant down, but an in-house implementation of full, dynamic process simulation got it all tuned up for a successful restart.

  • Dynamic Controller

    Frustrated by Conventional Advanced Control Techniques, Charlie Cutler Had to Find a Better Way

    Charlie Cutler
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