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  • Birds of a Feather

    If You Recognize Your Peers and Competitors Attending or Presenting at a Trade Group Seminar, Then You May Have Found Your Home

  • Biomass fuel production gets sweeter

    Improved instrumentation and control strategies allow biofuel producers to reap the benefits of new processing techniques and advanced control strategies. CONTROL Contributor David W. Spitzer reports.

    David W. Spitzer
  • Biodiesel Production Can Be Safe and Efficient

    See How Greenleaf Biofuels Built Its Biodiesel Production Plant Within the Fuel Storage Tank Farm of New Haven Harbor in Conn. to Provide Easy Access to Truck, Rail, Barge and Deep-Water Vessel Delivery Points

    Gus Kellogg, Rahul Bobbili, Dianna Overmyer
  • Big-Time Condition Monitoring

    Condition Monitoring Is More Than Walking Around the Plant With a Data Logger and a Clipboard. Done Big Time, It Can Save You Millions of Dollars

  • Big Savings

    A Little Curiosity and an Encouraging Government Program or Two Can Help

  • Big Data Is No Big Deal

    Because Big Data is Really More of the Same Data, Engineers and Other End Users Find Ways to Take Advantage of New Sources of Intelligence

    Jim Montague
  • Bhopal +20, a hard lesson we&rsquo;re still learning

    Managing Editor Steve Kuehn points to lessons learned and not learned during the 20 years since the worst industrial accident in human history in his new Actionable Items column for CONTROL magazine.

  • Beyond the Process Variable

    Rosemount President Tom Moser Talks on the New Frontiers of Process Instrumentation

    Control Global Staff
  • Beyond the Eyes

    Process Control Applications Are Designed, Built and Operated by People With the Usual Eyeballs, Therefore They're Subject to Blinders Imposed on Sight

    Jim Montague
  • Beware straight-line projections

    Market analyst research reports often predict growth rates or adoption curves in a straight-line extrapolation of the recent past, but in the real world, things are seldom so predictable or comfortable.

    Keith Larson
  • Better temperature sensing and data gathering

    Innovative controls, accessories, software and other techniques are enabling temperature instruments to reach in and help optimize many previously inaccessible applications. Here's how.

    Jim Montague
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