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  • Declining Need for Field Calibration?

    Fieldbus and Smart Instruments Reduce the Need for Field Calibration. This Is a Reason Why Many Plants Have Slowly Adapted Multifunction Documenting Calibrators with Management Software.

  • December Conversations

    Can Specialists Actually Do Good Without a Broad Understanding of Both the Field of Application and the Technology for It?

  • Death of the Loop Drawing

    Loop Drawings Have Become Mere "Wiring" Diagrams. Are They Needed for Fieldbus Projects?

  • Death of the DCS

    Distributed control systems (DCSs) might not cease to exist completely, what's for sure is that instead of dying, they are going to evolve

    Jim Montague, executive editor, Control
  • Dealing With Gen X

    How to inspire their loyalty and take advantage of their strengths

  • Deal or No Deal

    Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner bring their wits and more than 66 years of process control experience to bear on your questions, comments, and problems. Write to them at

  • Deaerator Level Control

    Can a P Controller Be Replaced With a Linear Function Generator in Controlling the Level on a Deaerator?

  • DCS Migration: Failure Is Not an Option

    And Doing Nothing Is Not a Solution. DCS Migration Is an Opportunity to Design, Implement and Maintain a 21st-Century Control System That Will Help Industry Processes Be More Efficient and Safe

    Matt Sigmon
  • DCS enter new territory, do more and better

    Hi-tech accessories, software and networking are allowing distributed control systems (DCS) to expand their job descriptions and take on non-traditional tasks

    Jim Montague, executive editor, Control
  • DCS engineering help is just around the world!

    Where can you turn when you need design and engineering services and your local DCS technology providers have run out of ideas? Well, expertise today can be outsourced from just about anywhere.

  • DCS Disasters

    This Month We Join an End User Who’d Like Her Off-Hours to Be Less Subject to Distress Messages from Her Place of Employment. Dang! Cletus Been in My DCS!

  • DCS brings power to optimize unit operations

    GE's Nexus control system is a fully configurable DCS that improves overall unit availability and provides simplified expansion capabilities for steam turbines and balance of plant equipment.

  • DCS and IT blend abilities

    How to take advantage of the increasingly homogenizing abilities of distributed control and information technology systems

    Jim Montague, executive editor, Control
  • Daytime talk is a hoot and a holler

    McMillan and Weiner imagine a transcript of a control engineer on a daytime talk show and offer up the Top 10 reasons why you won’t find a model-based control text book anywhere in today’s college classroom.

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