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    National Instruments' DAQ Designer configuration advisor

  • D/P Impulse Lines; Chinese Solar Tech

    How to Keep Impulse Lines Full of Water When the Pump Shuts Down, and Are the Controls, Converters or Collectors for Photovoltaic Designs Better Products?

  • D/P Cell Settings, Plus Good Books

    “Ask the Experts,” on, is moderated by noted process control authority Béla Lipták. Béla and his cadre of leading experts in process automation, recruited from among the co-authors of the Instrument Engineer’s Handbook 4th Edition, are “in the box” all month answering process control questions from all comers. The best will be published here. In order to eliminate misunderstandings, please include P&ID sketches using ISA symbols with your questions.

  • D/P Cell Installation, Elevation; Isolation Fuses in IS Circuits

    Our readers ask Bela Liptak for advice regarding installing the new DP remote seal flanges in liquid level measurment applications. They are also looking for guidance as to reasons for not providing fuses at marshalling terminals for isolation and circuit protection purposes.

  • C’mon, vendors, let’s step up!

    ISA has been trying for years to get employers in the process industries to support process automation careers, but it could do a lot more if it had the volunteer involvement it used to have from vendors.

  • CyboSoft's MFA Technology Now Available for ControlLogix

    CyboSoft, General Cybernation Group, Inc. has announced that its model-free adaptive (MFA) control technology is now available in Rockwell Automation's ControlLogix programmable automation controller (PAC) platform

  • Cybersecurity: What's Inside Your Armor?

    Cybersecurity Begins with Firewalls and Network Segmentation, but These Barriers Must Be Accompanied by Constant Monitoring and Verification of Internal Communications and Data to Protect Applications

    Jim Montague
  • Cybersecurity Still Matters

    It Is Highly Unlikely That Another 9/11-Style Attack Could happen Here. Terrorists Will Move to Cyber Attacks and Combinations of Cyber and Physical Assaults. We Can't Prevent That Kind of Attack Entirely. We Can, However, Make It Hard to Do

    Walt Boyes
  • Cybersecurity myths and 'mythnomers'

    Cybersecurity is always a consideration in the design and operation of any digital communications network. Fortunately, when the WSN protocols were being developed, the people doing so were aware of the cybersecurity issue

    Ian Verhappen, P.Eng
  • Cybersecurity makes The Connected Enterprise possible

    Experts from Shell, Cisco, AT&T, Microsoft and Rockwell Automation show how cybersecurity tools can benefit real-world applications during panel discussion at Automation Perspectives media event

    Jim Montague, executive editor, Control
  • Cybersecurity in Your Safety DNA

    If Your Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Programs Aren't Intertwined, You May Not Be as Safe as You Think

    Walt Boyes
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