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  • Top 10 signs a startup has gone wrong

    Control Talk columnists Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner, PE, offer up a bit of humor regarding startups, and how Stan avoided being fired despite a recent Monday morning hangover.

  • The U.S. chemical industry: R.I.P.

    Around the Loop columnist Terrence K. McMahon mourns the demise of the U.S. chemical industry, as national plants are being shuttered in ever-increasing numbers with production headed overseas.

  • The flavors of industrial Ethernet

    Ian Verhappen, Chair of the Foundation Fieldbus User Group and Vice President of Standards for ISA, offers his perspective and experience on the digital fieldbus network in this exclusive for DigitalField Insider.

  • HART Communication – Dispelling the Myths: Part II

    This "special to the web" article is designed to increase your knowledge about the HART Field Communications Protocol. Find out its benefits and dispel the myths surrounding this powerful technology.

  • Stay out of trouble with process analyzers

    Contributing Editor Wayne Labs reports that whatever the process variable or constituent to be monitored, process analyzers are out of the lab at last and ready to improve processes in real time.

  • Control system architectures: Remote control

    By using fieldbus, OPC links, secure data transmission systems, appropriate software and modern server technologies, you, too, can build your own server-based architecture. That is, if you are ready for it.

  • Applied control theory moves out

    Industry group gets automation industry support from companies that believe the partnership between industry and academia is most beneficial when theory moves out of the classroom and into the plant.

  • Alarm management for regulated industries

    This article on regulatory drivers for alarm management systems summarizes key best practices, and things the process industry can do to help implement more effective alarm management.

  • Five tips to dealing with alarms

    Has the introduction of distributed control systems (DCS) that make it possible to create alarms more easily and at a lower cost left you with too many alarms to monitor. If so, here are five tips to help you deal with this alarming situation.

  • Alarm overload

    Faced with the problem of porting across a large number of alarms from one system to the next, the control room at Kestrel Coal (Australia) required an upgrade to its HMI system.

  • More tech, more tech, more better tech!

    This "special to the web" edition of Tales From the Front offers concrete suggestions on how the industry can help create true economic profit, while at the same time increase its knowledge base.

  • HART communication – Dispelling the myths

    This "special to the web" aricle is designed to increase your knowledge about the HART Field Communications Protocol. Fnd out its benefits and dispel the myths surrounding this powerful technology.

  • Infrared spectrophotometry illuminates IFPAC

    Around the Loop columnist Terrence K. McMahon attended the recent IFPAC meeting in Washington and reports that in 2004, 12–15,000 NDIR units were shipped worldwide for use in process monitoring and control.

  • Ask the Experts

    Process control authority Bela Liptak brings in specialists from his cadre of co-authors to answer a reader's question. Find out what the experts had to say about the topics listed below.

  • Fieldbus into the future

    This article points out how fieldbus systems are gaining ground as industry’s choice for device to controller communications. But although there are hundreds of different fieldbus protocols, everyone is looking for a common single standard.

  • CONTROL special coverage of Honeywell User Group

    In a first for CONTROL and for Honeywell, "show daily" coverage of the Honeywell User Group meeting June 13-16 in Phoenix, Ariz., will be by special editions of E-News. Written by content vice-president Keith Larson, and chief editor Walt Boyes, the newsletters will report on the event, with news and commentary as only CONTROL can provide. All subscribers to E-News will receive these special editions, as will Honeywell User Group attendees. In addition, chief editor Boyes will be blogging live from the event, so click on the link above and check out CONTROL's editors' blog.

  • MeadWestvaco does more than cut down trees

    After hearing chairman and CEO John Luke deliver one of the keynotes at National Manufacturing Week last March, it became clear that this was one company that really has its act together.

  • How to manage your alarm systems

    Initiatives in alarm management are extensive and are based on the wealth of experience and knowledge end users provide. Find out ways you can save review time, improve production, and reduce downtime.

  • My opinion doesn't count!

    Why do we do the Reader’s Choice Awards? It sure would be easier for the editorial staff of this magazine to sit down and pick out some editors’ choices. These choices would, in some cases, be considerably different, I can assure you. The reason we don’t is that our opinions don’t matter.

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