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  • Control's 10 most-read articles of May 2017

    Our cover story on process safety, Joe Weiss' latest thoughts on cybersecurity, and insights into Walmart's recent sustainability initiative are among the most-read stories of May 2017 on

  • Leadership for human factors

    To address safety issues by improving human factors, Julian Annison, principal industry consultant at Emerson Automation Solutions says it's vital for leaders to challenge their teams in the three primary areas of authority gradient, empowerment, and training.

  • IEC 61511 second edition updates

    Here, we outline several important changes that were made to IEC 61511, Parts 1, 2 and 3, second edition, "Functional safety—safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector," issued last year.

  • Why the bus is Smurfed

    In the early years of this century, choosing fieldbus meant limiting the field of potential suppliers to a smaller subset, since a number of the major players had incomplete or nonexistent offerings. The rest of technology wasn’t ready for fieldbus—maybe now it is.

    John Rezabek
  • Process safety delayed

    Some users and experts report process safety is largely paralyzed, but some progress and innovations keep plugging along.

    Jim Montague
  • What do process safety and the March for Science have in common?

    'There are similar forces at work against those pushing for process safety and those marching in support of science. The real power of ignorance, inertia, entropy and short-sighted, unsafe production quotas is that they don't have to do anything to accomplish their destructive goals,' says Jim Montague.

    Jim Montague
  • Invisibility of process control

    The Industrial Internet of Things will not control processes without process control professionals.

    Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner
  • Product roundup: flow gathers strength

    Flowmeters and other measurement and support devices are adding new capabilities and consolidating their existing functions to increase accuracy and improve service.

  • Intrinsic safety gives an inch

    A few worthy, proven technical innovations are making their way into IS solutions and settings.

    Jim Montague
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