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  • Process News from Across the Pond

    Here are excerpts from the September 2007 issue of Andrew Bond’s Industrial Automation Insider, a monthly newsletter covering the important industrial automation news and issues as seen from the U.K.

    Andrew Bond
  • Caro's SP100 Report

    The ISA SP-100 standards committee plans to hold a demonstration of ISA100 at the Conference and Expo to be held in Houston on October 2-4. This, to stress the readiness of the networking technology and the cooperation among the potential suppliers.

    Dick Caro
  • Upgrading a Wastewater SCADA System

    The City of Yuma installed a SCADA system to control and monitor its water and wastewater distribution system remotely. But as the city expanded, the existing SCADA system lacked the needed support, performance and diagnostic capabilities.

  • On ‘Strange’ Loops and Plant Intelligence

    Douglas Hofstadter asks in his recently published book, "I Am a Strange Loop," how anything as amorphous and mysterious as the “I” within each of our brains can exhibit any real power over the physical world.

    Keith Larson
  • One Man’s Story – Part 2

    Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner, PE bring their wits and more than 66 years of process control experience to bear on your questions, comments, and problems. Write to them at

    Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner
  • Symbol Library Utility from MTL

    The cost of designing a single control loop can be in excess of one man-day, so using tools like SmartPlant can dramatically reduce these costs.

  • Documenting Process Calibrator Aids Validation

    The Beamex MC4 is a compact, portable documenting process calibrator capable of calibrating many process parameters, such as temperature, pressure and electrical and analog control signals.

  • Taking Temperatures

    The talk is all about wireless, but not everyone is prepared to leap on the bandwagon.

  • D/P Cell Settings, Plus Good Books

    “Ask the Experts,” on, is moderated by noted process control authority Béla Lipták. Béla and his cadre of leading experts in process automation, recruited from among the co-authors of the Instrument Engineer’s Handbook 4th Edition, are “in the box” all month answering process control questions from all comers. The best will be published here. In order to eliminate misunderstandings, please include P&ID sketches using ISA symbols with your questions.

  • Sparky, Sparky, Zap!

    Neither spark-gap devices nor silicon avalanche diodes are a good fit for protecting process-plant electronics.

  • Future Imperfect

    Will automation engineers go the way of buggy-whip makers? Will they become the English majors of technology? Or are they way too important to be dispensed with? What’s the future of the profession?

  • Outstanding in Their Field

    One of Fonterra Dairies’s major corporate objectives is to reduce its environmental footprint in New Zealand and worldwide. Using Pavilion 8, they monitor wastewater treatment and discharge, making sure they are complying with local government regulations.

  • Expanding our coverage on print and online

    Katherine Bonfante, digital editor of Control Magazine, talks about how Control's online resources have expanded the depth coverage of the print magazine.

    Katherine Bonfante
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