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  • Wolves at the Door(s) of the House of Straw

    In the control system world, engineers believe that as long as they have some sort of device separating the control network from the business network, they are safe.

  • Control Valve Simulation

    How to simulate the designs of an automation and control project for a water treatment process, before putting them into operation.

  • Year End Puzzler Bonanza

    Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner, PE bring their wits and more than 66 years of process control experience to bear on your questions, comments, and problems. Write to them at

  • Control de Procesos en Español

    ControlGlobal is looking for process control resources written in Spanish.
    ControlGlobal busca recursos en español sobre el control de procesos.

  • Top 50 Automation Companies of 2006

    The ARC/Control Top 50 Process Automation Companies. Find out who are the top vendors who supply automation professionals with the tools of their trade.

  • Power over Ethernet Usage Trends

    What products and equipment you would like to include PoE capability and what factors influence your decision to use or not use PoE?

  • Control Global Online Guides

    ControlGlobal works hard to get you the best informative resources in the process automation technologies. Check out the online guides we have put together for you on our most popular subjects.

  • Pulling Teeth Podcast

    Listen to Jim Montague's December 2007 recorded column, Pulling Teeth.

    Jim Montague, executive editor
  • What’s in a Name? Podcast

    Listen to Walt Boyes's December 2007 column, What's in a Name?

    Walt Boyes, Editor in Chief
  • The Many Other Ways

    Any one of us might be able to turn an insignificant idea into a competitive advantage that puts us on top.

  • Yikes! Look out for that Chasm!

    The best practice by far is to choose a main instrument vendor who is accountable for the integration of all field devices.

  • Pulling Teeth

    Maybe the U.K. could re-colonize us, so we could get OSHA’s process control-related divisions to be more responsive.

  • Wiki Tutorial

    Watch this video to learn how to navigate our Directory of Lost Companies Wiki

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