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  • Jacket temp: Thermocouple multiplexers

    In this installment of Ask the Experts, Bela Liptak and his cadre of automation experts suggest to a reader how to tune a reactor temperature control loop for nearly all exothermic chemical reactors.

  • Portability and accurate sewer flow

    While most competitive designs measure velocity and infer flow, this new battery-operated wireless meter measures flow directly and quotes accuracy in terms of flow rate.

  • The world according to…

    There may be no going back to the days when people believed that ISA was the voice of the end user, but if it wants to carve out new territory for itself, it needs to put money back into niche groups.

  • Flowmeters clean and dirty

    CONTROL contributor David W. Spitzer provides a look from a process automation perspective at how magmeters and Venturi meters are vying with ultrasonics for clean and dirty water applications.

  • Still life

    Control Talk columnists McMillan and Weiner invite Wendy Kramer, Mark Sowell and Control Hall of Fame inductee Terry Tolliver to comment on improving the control of batch distillation applications.

  • Unintended consequences: It’s the law!

    Technology introduces both benefits and dangers, but as new solution building blocks become available, we have to be aware of not only their benefits, but also limitations their designers haven’t considered.

  • Data validation: Jewel in the fieldbus crown?

    Many users and most suppliers to the industry see process availability as the big payout benefit of Foundation Fieldbus (FF) diagnostics—a good portion of it realized through data validation.

  • Oh the humanity!

    In this installment of Control Report, Executive Editor Jim Montague finds the process control and automation field is awash in irony, unexpected twists and tragic comedies that would make O. Henry proud.

  • Mission possible: Control and IT integration

    Despite what you may have heard, it is possible for plant and enterprise IT departments to play well together. CONTROL's Dave Harrold reports on changes, new concepts, and new methods in distributed control.

  • Accurately scoping process analyzer projects

    This article covers the formal details of a project approval scope document, including front-end engineering design, front-end loading, project execution modeling, and independent project analysis.

  • Production monitoring of water/wastewater

    A water, sewer and electric utility provider in Florida has develped an automated software system for supply and distribution that substantially improves water operations in the age of high-priced power.

  • Best-practices gulf is poised to widen

    As best-in-class, global manufacturing companies strive toward standardizing systems and improving business processes, the gulf between top-performers and technology laggards continues to widen.

  • Advancements in data acquisition devices

    Our rundown of new systems and devices for industrial processing applications shows technological advances are keeping up with how DAQ is being used by controls and instrumentation engineers.

  • Highlights from the Emerson Global Users Exchange

    Headlines from the three-day event include a presentation on the ControlWave SCADA system, recently acquired by Emerson, which includes some new features such as video security over SCADA and the ability to integrate security with numerous other SCADA devices.

  • Emerson Global Users Exchange highlights

    Headlines from the five-day event include excerpts from presentations by Emerson Process Management president John Berra, Rosemount president Steve Sonnenberg, and director of technology Bob Karshnia.

  • Cordsets survive a great flood

    This case history demonstrates how cabling and connectors simplified networking for engineers at an upstate N.Y. wastewater plant, and aided the plant's recovery following a devastating deluge.

  • Fiberoptic switch improves reliability

    In this Product Exclusive, a new line of industrial Ethernet switches that increase network reliability by providing an alternative path for message flow in the event of a network-segment failure is unveiled.

  • How to improve network security

    There's no such thing as a 100% secure control system, but learning and understanding the risks associated with security standards, and how to mitigate them are a start. Check out this to-do list.

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