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  • American farmers: Far a field with automation

    You think process engineers are in the forefront of automation? Senior Tech Editor Rich Merritt says that when it comes to improving process efficiency, you ain't seen nothin' 'til you been down on the farm!

    Rich Merritt
  • Split personality

    This month’s Control Talk proves a real pressure test for readers of CONTROL. Columnists Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner provide answers and the Top 10 signs your company has downsized too much.

  • Hoist by our own petard

    Reader Feedback from the February issue says that when the game leaves town, people are left twiddling their thumbs, and that the passivity of engineers is the true enemy, not the Chinese.

    George E. Daly
  • Change (Management) is good!

    The reality is that when it comes to automation software, there is hardly a moment when things aren’t in some sort of flux. Managing Editor Steve Kuehn reports in his monthly Actionable Items column for CONTROL.

  • Power supplies from China cut costs considerably

    Competitive pricing from Asian manufacturers has prompted market growth of power supplies and considerable cost cuts. CONTROL Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt provides a Product Roundup.

  • How vulnerable is your SCADA system?

    Maj. Barry Charles Ezell, Ph.D., US Army, asserts that the same theory, model and methods used to quantify vulnerability to critical military infrastructure may be used to assess vulnerability to SCADA.

  • Confronting digital espionage

    Where does defending against digital espionage fall on your priority list? See what cybercrime experts recommend as the best steps you can take to secure your company's manufacturing processes.

  • Securing IP control protocols

    Is it impossible for all SCADA IP control protocols to implement a common security protocol? This "special to the web" article by SCADA security consultant Dale Peterson, says the answer is in the question.

  • Can we talk?

    How do you stay current with problems and threats in process automation if nobody will talk about their experiences and solutions? Editor in Chief Walt Boyes comments in this "special to the web" editorial.

  • CONTROL invites you to "Ask the Experts" presents "Ask the Experts," a new department moderated by noted process control authority and columnist Bela Liptak. Save yourself the hefty consulting fees by getting the answers to your questions from Liptak's cadre of professional automation experts.

  • Hanging it all together

    New convenience features and changing needs have placed new demands on electrical and piping connector technologies. Contributing Editor Wayne Labs provides an update.

  • Tricky level applications on the rise

    Level measurement is as old as the Nile, but some application problems simply will not go away. Editor in Chief Walt Boyes provides his thoughts on the results of the recent Web Poll.

  • 2005 Process Automation Hall of Fame

    CONTROL lines up this year's Process Automation Hall of Fame inductees, three chemical engineers who got interested in the nuts, bolts and wires of control processes they learned about in school.

  • Books for success in the process automation industry

    Covering the world of automation, instrumentation and control, these industry books available from ISA are authoritative, thorough, and written and reviewed by experts. See the extensive array of books selected by our Editors and available through that are designed to help students, professionals and practitioners succeed with today's automation challenges.

  • Technocrats take the '318 patent to task

    In this DigitalField Insider web exclusive, Managing Editor Steve Kuehn reports on the Solaia patent case and how it continues to weave its costly way through the courts and U.S. industry.

  • Process analytics: A U.K. initiative

    Littlejohn’s third remedy is sure to be much more controversial and fraught with complexity: A new way for instrument vendors to charge for on-stream analytical data.

  • What vendors say about control system security

    Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt provides detailed, unedited responses from process control vendors, software companies and security consultants on questions regarding control system security.

  • Patent infringement case remains a tangled web

    In the April issue of CONTROL magazine, Managing Editor Steve Kuehn reports on how Solaia may have finally met its match now that it has faced off against Rockwell Automation in a U.S. patent court case.

  • Taking the heat for replacing a brush hot

    Contributing writer and controls technician Loren Jones proves in this “exclusive to the web” feature that he can’t keep his big mouth shut, and learns that just because you can doesn’t always mean you should.

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