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  • Blood and guts

    Executive Editor Jim Montague notes that taking a closer look at biological processes can help adapt or improve existing process controls and systems. Read why in this month's installment of Control Report.

  • OPC UA and bridging the chasm

    In this installment of OPC Connection, OPC specialist Eric Murphy says that as OPC UA begins its approach to the chasm, the infrastructure is already being laid to ensure it can successfully bridge the gap.

  • Highlights from the Invensys Customer Conference

    Invensys Process Systems' Hesh Kagan outlined the company's strategy for making wireless a real and sustainable technology for process manufacturers at the Invensys Customer Conference in Dallas.

  • Highlights from the Invensys Customer Conference

    Foxboro's Thad Frost outlined the company's extensive and detailed roadmap for the company's I/A Series control system architecture during the Invensys 2006 Customer Conference in Dallas.

  • Tolerate less redundancy

    Today, with Foundation fieldbus, the old redundancy paradigm no longer applies. Chances are, though, it isn’t free. So where should you apply it to achieve the fault tolerance you need?

  • DigitalField Insider: Archived issues

    DigitalField Insider covers the latest developments in fieldbus networks and increasingly intelligent, network-capable field devices. Measurement devices as well as control valves and motor drives are complemented by evolving strategies for predictive monitoring, calibration and asset management strategies.

  • Multiple choices

    The many flavors of Ethernet and wireless are trendy, But it’s the underlying acceptance and adoption of fieldbuses that pushes users to find some tasty and unexpected applications.

  • Highlights from the Invensys Customer Conference

    Invensys Process Systems' Ken Brown addressed more than 800 of the company faithful at the Customer Conference in Dallas, where he discussed the strategic direction of the company and new technologies.

  • Top 50 Automation Companies of 2005

    For this edition of the Top 50, we've rewritten the rules. Check out which companies made the list, as ARC and CONTROL magazine count down the Top 50 automation companies in the industry.

  • Control is truly global!

    Perhaps you’ve noticed articles in CONTROL and on have become less North America-centric over the past few years. This is intentional, and you can expect the trend to continue.

  • The iceberg and the storm

    Putting change into a process because we want to try out the latest computer is not progress, says Control contributor Dick Morley. We seem only to watch as process implementation cries out for innovation.

  • SCADA system makers pushed toward security

    Idaho National Laboratory and the New York State Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure have teamed up with utilities and makers of distributed control system software to offer advice on how to make system security a major part of the critical infrastructure.

  • Modeling software for continuous batch processes

    Process control authority Bela Liptak brings in specialists from his cadre of co-authors to answer a reader's question regarding good modelling software for a batch and/or a continuous esterification process.

  • What kind of training do you really need?

    As supervisors and employees from outside the research environment are surveyed on thesis-based degree programs, continuing education expectations will converge—and not toward those of the supervisors.

  • Staying on the level

    Every month, CONTROL’s editors take a specific product area, collect all the latest, significant tools we can find and present them here to make your job easier. This month, we focus on level measurement.

  • Industrial PCs take on new functions

    A roundup of products new to the market shows the advanced computing functions and diversification of industrial PCs is allowing new forms and new functions for process control applications.

  • Sensing leakage and emissions at the valve

    Process control authority Bela Liptak brings in specialists from his cadre of co-authors to answer a reader's question regarding future trends of sensing emissions at the valve.

  • Loop gain in aluminum extrusion processes

    Process control authority Béla Lipták answers a reader's question regarding PID loops and if they can be used without having to change the loop gain when the number of pumps used is changed.

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