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  • What is field control?

    Fieldbus technology expert Dick Caro asserts that field control is an idea whose time has come and, when presented with the facts, should be the objective for all new process control system designers.

  • Into the mesh

    Senior Tech Editor Dan Hebert, PE, identifies the leading candidates for best system architecture supremacy in the wireless arena and believes software algorithms will be key for high bandwidth mesh networks.

  • New book explains Process Analytical Technology

    Around the Loop columnist Terry K. McMahon reviews this new work which compiles tutorials and offers hard experience in implementing process analyzers by a distinguished panel of experts.

  • Process simulation: Your job is still safe…for now

    Armed with a CAD package and simulation software, a single engineer can design the product, plant, and control system. Check out why the concept of a one-person design team is still a goal for the future.

  • Expanded flow diagnostics cast a wider net

    Here’s how to use several methods, such as element status checking, to improve flowmeter availability, increase consistency, and reduce costs in many applications and environments.

  • pH linearization lubricates waste control

    Learn how a simplified technique for linearizing pH can enhance control in waste treatment applications and eliminate the need for gain-adjusting techniques.

  • DCS engineering help is just around the world!

    Where can you turn when you need design and engineering services and your local DCS technology providers have run out of ideas? Well, expertise today can be outsourced from just about anywhere.

  • Out here in the fieldbus

    Ian Verhappen, Chair of the Foundation Fieldbus User Group and Vice President of Standards for ISA, offers his perspective and experience on what’s happening in the world of industrial fieldbus.

  • When multiple analog transmitters go haywire

    All kinds of high and low level alarms caused this reader to look for the common threads that tripped his control system. Read how troubleshooting the problem revealed the power supply to be the culprit.

  • Compare current and historian data

    A new software module has been developed that compares and analyzes current event and alarm data against process historian data.

  • New trends and old friends in network choices

    Industrial process automation: Wireless and Ethernet technologies are taking over today's trendy solutions, but don’t count out the classics like the fieldbuses, which remain old favorites that still are in high demand.

  • 10 principles for securing control systems

    KEMA Consultant Jay Abshier takes an unbiased and highly detailed look at where plant security really is, and what is being done to better protect our process automation systems and infrastructure.

  • OPC considerations for network security

    It seems that whenever IT meets real-time control systems, trouble usually erupts, but this article shows that while industrial cyber security is complex, there are ways to keep your plant assets protected.

  • Web-based DAQs spread access, information

    Modern data acquisition devices use networks, the Internet, and wireless to deliver intelligence. Senior Tech Editor Rich Merritt provides a Product Roundup of recorders and data acquisition devices.

  • Can we make the jump to a wireless plant?

    CONTROL's Editor in Chief Walt Boyes says that if we don't, we won't continue to show the productivity and cost savings we've been able to until now. Read how wireless can affect what you do.

  • Occupational therapy for the control engineer

    Can companies and technologies adapt to change in a positive manner? CONTROL Contributor Dick Morley says yes and believes that with some occupational therapy, you can survive!

  • With technology, old is a relative term

    The staying power of Oldtimer Technology reminds us to not get carried away with the new, dramatically improved, high-performance automation toys and to simply use what works.

  • How do vendor web sites stack up?

    Is it easy to find the information you're looking for on vendor web sites, or do you get lost after the first dozen clicks? Here’s a summary of the results of a recent survey on how supplier web sites measure up.

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