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  • Split range control methods

    Process control authority Bela Liptak brings in specialists from his cadre of co-authors to answer a reader's question. Find out which books and online courses they recommend for continued education. Find out what the difference is in strength between a heating valve and cooling valve for split range control

  • Features and capabilities of hybrid controllers

    Is there a difference between a DCS and a hybrid control system? Bela Liptak and his cadre of automation experts suggest where to apply each technology in this installment of Ask the Experts.

  • Use the tools you have

    Ron Helson, Executive Direxctor of the HART Communication Foundation, contends that HART Communication is one of those tools that might be in your toolbox but needs to be moved to your belt!

  • Can we fix embedded intelligence?

    Senior Tech Editor Rich Merritt observes that having embedded processors in everything from sensors to control valves can make maintenance dicey when it comes to fixing things around the house.

  • Tools to keep your plant competetive

    This supplement from the HART Communication Foundation is loaded with useful tips on how to identify projects that provide a high ROI and significant value to your operation.

  • How to identify high-value projects

    Industry experts recommend a number of strategies to help users identify the most high-value applications and are nearly unanimous that the greatest ROI lies in the ability to continuously monitor field instruments.

  • Historical OPC alarms and events

    Understanding and searching alarms and events logs and turning them into valuable data stores can be difficult, but is instrumental in optimizing plant performance.

  • The six dumbest ideas in computer security

    Marcus Ranum suggests that these dumb ideas are the fundamental reasons why all that money you spend on information security is going to be wasted, unless you somehow manage to avoid them.

  • Cyber security for the electric sector

    This article addresses the compliance cost of NERC attack prevention standards in the electric power distribution industry and just how little work gets done in a typical plant when the network is down.

  • Users want an industrial wireless standard

    Editor in Chief Walt Boyes takes a look at how existing standards for wireless products in industrial process plant applications compare with the real needs of process automation.

  • Top ten signs you're an endangered species

    Why is the instrument engineer such a rare find? The answers may be in the standard dialog on the causes of endangerment. Here are the Top Ten Signs you are an Endangered Species.

  • Can an automation engineer control the economy?

    In this month's installment of his Lessons Learned column for CONTROL magazine, columnist Béla Lipták, PE, shows what can happen when advanced process control meets economics.

  • Three alternative approaches to better loop control

    What's wrong with those ramps? Well, as the performance of control loops declines over time, there are better alternatives to properly handle potential problems. Check out what to avoid when tuning your ramps.

  • How to perform Solenoid testing

    Process control authority Bela Liptak brings in specialists from his cadre of co-authors to answer a reader's question. Find out from the experts how to perform a life assessment calculation for a Solenoid valve.

  • Hurricane update: Struck oil refinery restarts

    Three weeks after Hurricane Rita ripped through Texas, the oil refineries in the region are beginning to process gasoline again. The storm knocked out power and scattered the workforce, yet the restoration is underway. Follow us as the arduous task of picking up the pieces continues.

  • Keep the bus from slowing to a crawl

    Ian Verhappen, Chair of the Foundation Fieldbus User Group and Vice President of Standards for ISA, offers his perspective and experience on the digital fieldbus network in this exclusive for DigitalField Insider.

  • Jim Montague joins editorial team

    Jim Montague is the new Executive Editor at Control magazine. He brings a wealth of automation and controls knowledge to the position, with 13 years of experience as an editor, most recently as News Editor for Control Engineering magazine. Jim has a BA in English from Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., and will be based in Itasca, Ill.

  • Justifying HART investments to management

    In putting together a case for investing in HART technology, maintenance and operations departments need to stress to management the situations that won't occur as a result of using its capabilities.

  • System security: Protect your intellectual assets

    Manufacturing automation system security is more than using anti-virus software. It's an essential business strategy to protect your intellectual property — and your competitive advantage.

  • Cleaning common fluid lines

    Process control authority Bela Liptak answers a reader's question regarding how to clean out common lines without a whole bunch of solvents and/or pigging systems.

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