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  • A Too-Smart Solution?

    The benefits of installing smart metering systems in the plight of utilities are clear, but implementation is complex.

    Dan Hebert
  • Distillation, Part 5: Multiple Products

    In Part 5 of this series on distillation control and optimization, we find that adding a side-stream component to your process gives an additional degree of freedom, but makes it even more essential to not mismatch the variables.

    Bela Liptak
  • The Ethernet Bandwagon

    Ethernet capability, smaller footprints localized processing power on deck for I/O products.

    Patti Pool
  • Survey Snapshots Wireless Users

    CONTROL recently conducted its first SP100 Wireless Survey of almost 500 readers about where and how they use wireless in their plant-floor applications.

  • Action Figures of Summer

    Jim Montague talks about the few process control-related heroes found in the mainstream media and in less-hyped branches of literature and the fine arts.

    Jim Montague
  • Invensys Completes Cimnet Buy

    Invensys has completed the acquisition of Cimnet. This acquisition is now being fully integrated into the Wonderware software business unit of Invensys.

  • Justifying Fieldbus II

    John Rezabek touches on “hot buttons" that can be tied to a company's fieldbus investment plan.

    John Rezabek
  • Through A Looking Glass Brightly

    Cutting-edge viewing technology can potentially simplify the presentation of process control system information

    Jeffrey R. Harrow
  • Reader Feedback: Sox for Control Systems?

    Read our argument, does the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, particularly Section 302, which mandates a set of internal procedures designed to ensure accurate financial disclosure, apply to control systems?

  • One Ring to Rule Them All

    Recently there have been a spate of product introductions of wireless networks that let you incorporate anything and everything into your control system: hazardous gas sniffers, man-down and personnel location services, other RFID feeds, intrusion alarms, safety shower alarms, and more.

    Walt Boyes
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