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Aurora and DHS - a misleading response to a significant mistake

With all of the focus on cyber security one could expect that DHS is doing a credible job in helping to protect our country. In July 2014, DHS made an error by declassifying much of the Idaho National Lab (INL) Aurora documentation from FOUO to Unclassified.  DHS stated the documents...

Shell's Bigger Boat

"We're gonna need a bigger boat," said the man in the movie. Somebody at Shell Oil must have said the same thing. But at Shell, they’re not just asking for bigger. They're going for "biggest." Under construction now at the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard on Geoje Island in South Korea,...

ICS Cyber Security Lecture at Air Force Institute of Technology- AFIT

December 16th, I was hosted by the Center for Cyberspace Research at AFIT to deliver a lecture on ICS cyber security which appeared to be well-received. The lecture was from the perspective of the industrial community. In my view, AFIT is one of the technical leaders in defending ICSs. 

Controller Attenuation and Resonance Tips

When is a controller in automatic not able to do anything to reduce an oscillation? When will a controller amplify an oscillation? In both of these cases, the controller is doing more harm than good by wearing out valves and upsetting other loops.

Contributing Factors

Every industrial revolution is brought about by a combination of factors. It's never just one thing coming out of a vacuum. In the case of the Internet of Things,  the technology to make it truly wireless could accelerate it's growth.

Link for Fraunhofer lecture on ICS cyber risk

December 2nd, I gave a lecture at the Fraunhofer Institute in Darmstadt, Germany on ICS cyber risk. December 9th, I gave a lecture on ICS cyber forensics. The main page for the lecture series is: The video for your first lecture is:!/resource/caveats-in-risk-assessment-in-the-context-of-cyber-attacks-2870

Come the Revolution

The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are the hot new buzzwords. Behind them lie the promise of a better, more connected factory and supply chain that will revolution manufacturing yet again. But all such disruptive technologies come with a cost. Meets Technical Publishing

Control and Control Design are distant cousins of the oldest technical magazine in the world still publishing today--the Royal Society's Philosophical Transactions. Who knew?

Iran attacking critical infrastructures-Cylance report

December 2nd, the Cylance report on OpCleaver, Iran attacking critical infrastructures was made public. Unfortunately, the organizations reponsible for protecting our critical infrastructures do not appear to be taking this threat seriously.

Measurement Attenuation and Deception Tips

Sensor lags, transmitter damping, and PID signal filters can make oscillations look better but is this really a good a thing? Here we look at how these dynamics affect what you see and how much of a problem it can be.