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"Why are we here?" Yokogawa User Group Conference and Exhibition

"Why are we here?" Tom Craig, from Reichhold Chemicals asked this question to start off the YCA 6th annual Conference and Exhibition. Yokogawa is an underdog. They think like one, they act like one, and they have a chip on their shoulder.

Katrina and process automation

I want to take this opportunity to ask for your prayers, good thoughts, and contributions for the sake of our friends and colleagues in the New Orleans to Pensacola area. The unthinkable has happened, and many people employed in process automation are in the thick of it.

More Commentary on ISA...

Terry Molloy, former Executive Board member, writes: What do I want to be when I grow up? Everyone has ideas and since most of our group are bright people they are typically good ideas. Jim Pinto and Walt Boyes make a good point about going international in the right way...

ABB and Intergraph Move Closer to the Holy Grail

The holy grail of automation, whether discrete or process or hybrid, is to be able to begin with simulation, move to design, provide construction drawings, provide control schema, calibrate on site, and feed maintenance and upgrade information directly back to the as-builts.

From Jean Vielle, to Don Zee and Ken Hilgers at ISA

I suppose you have already read this Jim Pinto's analysis of ISA situation. As a former Section President, District VP and executive Board member, I should say I almost 100% agree with Jim's impertinence. I tried to initiate changes and infuse new thinking, but the disease is too deep.

Even More on ISA...

From Diana Bouchard (one of the first women to serve on the Executive Committee of ISA ever): Hello one and all: Jim's proposed plan might yield a new organization which would carry forward ISA's name and reputation and be of service to the automation community.

More on the ISA situation

From Sean Robinson: Folks; As a past FPID director, I have to add a few general comment, aside from an endorsement of the 6 point plan. Part of the reason for the decline in membership and relevance has to do with the shift of technical talent from within manufacturing enterprises...

Some thoughts on the future of professional organizations

Jeff Cawley from NWAsoft cc'd me on the following, and I thought I'd share it: To: IFT QAD Exec Committee, The issue of how keep IFT viable was a headliner at this year's annual meeting. As we discussed, the issue is not limited to just the IFT.

Some Comments on AutomationXchange

Walt, I've got a couple of comments from the blog. If any of this comes off sounding harsh, keep in mind I have great respect for you and your staff. One of Jim's six points for ISA: "5.Acquire ownership in several international subsidiaries in global growth areas. Again, duh.

AutomationXchange Winds Down

We just had the Advisory Board meeting for AutomationXchange. Unlike most Advisory Boards for trade shows, this one is limited exclusively to end-users. We didn't ask any of the vendors present to be on the Advisory Board. The reason for this is quite simple. This is an entirely end-user driven event.