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A SCADA state of mind...

I'm in Dallas today getting ready for a press event tomorrow at the Texas Motor Speedway. Citect, Schneider, and Graybar are holding a joint press event to show how Graybar can easily do your SCADA project, because Citect and Schneider have worked together to produce a unified product architecture from...

BCIT Controller far

From Eric Byres at BCIT: "so far we have tested five controllers for three companies and have another three in the hopper for the fall. The tests uncovered: 9 critical vulnerabilities; 42 warning notices; 7 informational notices.

More reflections on Pinto's Point

One of the most unsatisfactory outcomes of the preoccupation of the automation vendors with low volume, high profit products is the need to control the product specifications. The most glaring example of this is the incredible (insert choice military aphorism for mess) we call the Fieldbus Standard.

Is there an Automation Mindset?

Last week, Jim Pinto's column, "Pinto's Point," made some very good points. I think Jim may well be right about some of this. Pinto said that automation companies were locked into a "mindset" of being "stable, slow-growth, and low-profit." He notes that it is very difficult to get automation companies,...

OEE before OEE was cool...

Talking this morning with Eddy Azad from Parsec Automation ( Not a sales and marketing guy, Eddy has been hiding his light under a bushel basket for years. Starting in 1988, Parsec was founded as a system of the first.

Emerson Strikes Again!

EMERSON ACQUIRES SOLARTRON MOBREY Solartron Mobrey -- whose measurement technologies include level, density, viscosity and flow computer products -- will be renamed Mobrey Measurement and become part of Emerson Process Management. Complementing Emerson's established measurement brands, which include Rosemount, Micro Motion, Brooks, Saab Rosemount and Daniel, the acquisition includes all...

Elpro, Photon, NASA and Sensors

Just when it looked like we were forgetting about sensors, look what this blog has been about most of the week. It is a continuing theme (okay, one of my hobby horses) that we need better, smaller, cheaper, more reliable sensors for every type of measurement.

Anybody still wonder how important sensors are?

NASA scrubbed the space shuttle Discovery's launch yesterday, with less than two and a half hours to go. Why? One of the fuel level sensors in the big hydrogen tank stubbornly refused to acknowledge that the tank was in fact full.

New Suggestion Box at ISA

Have you ever said to yourself, "Jeez, I wish there was a standard on (insert name of problem you are facing) so I don't have to do it all myself!"? I am sure you have. Well, it may be that your wish could be granted.

Sometimes, analysis can be a real pain...

For many years, I worked with a company in the chlorine gas feeding business called Capital Controls Company, now part of Severn Trent. My father was one of their first set of reps in the United States, just like Eoin O'Riain's (publisher of Readout in Ireland) was.