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From Jean Vielle, to Don Zee and Ken Hilgers at ISA

I suppose you have already read this Jim Pinto's analysis of ISA situation. As a former Section President, District VP and executive Board member, I should say I almost 100% agree with Jim's impertinence. I tried to initiate changes and infuse new thinking, but the disease is too deep.

Even More on ISA...

From Diana Bouchard (one of the first women to serve on the Executive Committee of ISA ever): Hello one and all: Jim's proposed plan might yield a new organization which would carry forward ISA's name and reputation and be of service to the automation community.

More on the ISA situation

From Sean Robinson: Folks; As a past FPID director, I have to add a few general comment, aside from an endorsement of the 6 point plan. Part of the reason for the decline in membership and relevance has to do with the shift of technical talent from within manufacturing enterprises...

Some thoughts on the future of professional organizations

Jeff Cawley from NWAsoft cc'd me on the following, and I thought I'd share it: To: IFT QAD Exec Committee, The issue of how keep IFT viable was a headliner at this year's annual meeting. As we discussed, the issue is not limited to just the IFT.

Some Comments on AutomationXchange

Walt, I've got a couple of comments from the blog. If any of this comes off sounding harsh, keep in mind I have great respect for you and your staff. One of Jim's six points for ISA: "5.Acquire ownership in several international subsidiaries in global growth areas. Again, duh.

AutomationXchange Winds Down

We just had the Advisory Board meeting for AutomationXchange. Unlike most Advisory Boards for trade shows, this one is limited exclusively to end-users. We didn't ask any of the vendors present to be on the Advisory Board. The reason for this is quite simple. This is an entirely end-user driven event.

Bugs Bug Toyota Prius

(from Baseline magazine) August 4, 2005 Software Bugs Threaten Toyota Hybrids By Mel Duvall Strong sales of Toyota's Prius hybrid vehicles could be threatened by software malfunctions that leave drivers stuck in traffic. Heading home from work in late March, Diana Len's heart raced as she tried to figure out...

AutomationXchange: The party's over and they moved the cheese.

There was a book a while ago called "Who Moved My Cheese?" and I keep thinking about it this week. This morning, for breakfast, some vendors had especially hard swallowing. We presented Glenn Allmendinger, of Harbor Research, who has spent the last 30+ years studying the automation market.

AutomationXchange Lunch Speaker: Pfizer's Lou Pillai

The thought for the day, as Lou Pillai started his discussion of how Pfizer is dealing with PAT and the FDA's new focus on continuing process improvement, is "Be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi's phrase sums up Pfizer's change management around GMP for the 21st century.

Interlude: Book Review--Advanced PID Control by Astrom and Hagglund

Every so often, a book comes out that takes a very complex subject, and renders it easy to understand, without trivializing the subject, or leaving all the good stuff out. That's my take on Advanced PID Control by Karl J.