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AutomationXchange Lunch Speaker: Pfizer's Lou Pillai

The thought for the day, as Lou Pillai started his discussion of how Pfizer is dealing with PAT and the FDA's new focus on continuing process improvement, is "Be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi's phrase sums up Pfizer's change management around GMP for the 21st century.

Interlude: Book Review--Advanced PID Control by Astrom and Hagglund

Every so often, a book comes out that takes a very complex subject, and renders it easy to understand, without trivializing the subject, or leaving all the good stuff out. That's my take on Advanced PID Control by Karl J.

Some End-User Comments...

...from the first set of meetings. Walt:"Would you have stopped to visit this company on a tradeshow floor?" End-Users:"Yes, but we wouldn't have had the time with them, or the level of focus on our specific applications, or met with the company president, either.

AutomationXchange Rumbles to Life

Last night was the obligatory "meet and greet" where the end-users and the vendors get to socialize before the meetings that start today. There were lots of familiar faces, on both the end-user side and the vendor side.

Windows 2000 Worm Stops Production

Reports are now surfacing that the recently released worm targeted at un-patched Windows 2000 and Windows 2000 Server systems did considerable damage in the automotive industry, at least. 13 Daimler-Chrysler production plants were temporarily shut down, and Ford announced some systems went down as well.

Jim Pinto's Plan to Save ISA

Here's Jim's 6-point plan: 1.Radical change of governance"”encourage volunteer involvement, but limit it to advisory suggestions. This will work, provided governance is not left to the Former President's Club. They're the ones who have shot down any meaningful change for years.

More AutomationXchange...

Yes, the Roving Editor will be blogging from the AutomationXchange event, but I won't be able to tell you much. The meetings themselves, between buyers and sellers, are completely confidential, and even the event staff and yours truly don't participate in them.

Why AutomationXchange works...

Sunday I am off to Park City, Utah, for the second annual CONTROL AutomationXchange. Years ago, I suggested something like this to the ISA conference and exhibits board...because even then it was obvious that the big ISA show as constituted then and now, was a dinosaur and it was waiting...

BP Texas City-- Whose Fault Was It?

From the Wall Street Journal: "Federal investigators released a fresh list of safety shortcomings at BP PLC's Texas refinery, including a finding that managers authorized the start-up of a unit in March despite knowing key alarms weren't working. The start-up caused an explosion that killed 15 people, the deadliest U.S.

The "Directory of Lost Companies" Rides Again

In the mid-1990s, I started keeping a list of companies whose names and/or ownership had changed. When Bela Liptak started the project to re-issue the Instrument Engineers' Handbook for a fourth time, he asked me if I would contribute the list to the book as an appendix.