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Citect and the future

I've written a lot about Iconics and their modular, "Extreme Distributed Control" model. Iconics isn't alone. There is also Citect. Citect is another example of "The World is Flat" being right on the money. Tom Friedman's book, which you should all immediately run out and buy if you want to...

MES implementations that actually work

Yes, there are some. Sadly, they are still few and far between. There are good signs though. At last week's ARC conference on interoperability SAP was the 5000 pound gorilla. The SAP folks were all over, announcing that they had standardized on WBF's B2MML and S88 and S95 for the...

Suggested summer reading-- on and off topic

I'm going to go camping this weekend, and if you're like me you may want to bring a book or two along wherever you are going. For professional reading, I'm bringing Safety Instrumented Systems Verification by Bill Goble and Harry Cheddie, available from

It's an <B>APPLIANCE!</B>

Ron Monday said yesterday that the big thing he was having trouble explaining is that the xCoupler is an appliance, not a software system. It is like a hardware router or firewall, not a server. People keep saying, "It can't be that simple." But it is.

Eric Byres cries "Foul!"-- sort of

Sam Herb at Foxboro sent me the following from Eric Byres, because of my copying of a quote from him relayed to us by Honeywell. "Unfortunately it seems like editorial licence distorting my quote - what we actually said was "Of the five systems we have tested so far, this...

Catchin' up

I've been blogging rather raggedly for the last week or so, mainly because I've been trying to get the July issue of CONTROL to the printer. Not having a managing editor right now (thank you, Siemens, for pirating my excellent managing editor, Steve Kuehn) it has been just loads of fun.

Thinking around the problem...

Ron Monday is a very sharp fellow. He is the president and CEO of a company most people have never heard of, but which is quite significant in automation. Ron builds OEM modules for Rockwell ControlLogix and for ProSoft.

Time out for a big brag: Putman Media wins 14 ASBPE awards

Putman Media sets a record with 14 ASBPE Awards! The following is the list of Putman's ASBPE award winners: Design Award Winners Front Cover "” Computer Generated Under 80,000 circulation Gold Award "Time to Market Issue" Pharmaceutical Manufacturing February/March 2004 Stephen Herner, Agnes Shanley Front Cover "” Illustration Under 80,000...

Comparison envy

It is hard, after having been to one of the slickest, best produced and highest information-transfer bandwidth user group meetings in the world last week, the Honeywell User Group, to drop back to the lower speed and lower information-transfer rate of an ARC Forum.

ARC and the interoperability bandwagon

My biggest critique of ARC and the other TLA bandits (excuse me, I mean major knowledgebase consultants) has always been that they are very long on theory and very very short on implementation. Andy Chatha has apparently heard this from other don't think he listens to me, do you?