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A wee little brag on us

Being here in Phoenix, Keith Larson and I missed last nights regional ASBPE Awards Dinner in Chicago. Putman Media received more than its share of regional awards, and next week some of us will attend the national ASBPE awards dinner in Cleveland at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,...

Almost done...

Last night, Peter Zornio and his merry band of Honeywell elves stayed up late putting together answers for the questions users have submitted throughout the week. Today is Q&A Day, and it is the day when users expect straight, detailed answers from Honeywell to the questions they have asked.


We just got the second edition of the show daily to the email forwarder. I'm very pleased. This one is longer...has four articles, two by Keith Larson, and two by me. All of it, frankly, pretty good stuff.

The Users take over! The Users take over!

Yesterday was "product day" and most of the presentations were by Honeywell personnel. Today it was the turn of users in specific industries to present over 60 concurrent paper sessions on subjects separated by industry vertical.

The Demo Room

I walked into the demo room yesterday afternoon, and stopped dead. In front of me was Sue Lynch, business unit director for field instruments for Yokogawa. "Bet you didn't expect to see me here," she deadpanned.

The Special Edition of ControlGlobal eNews

Our first "electronic show daily" is history. We shipped it out last night to the readership of the ControlGlobal eNews, about 18,000 opt in readers. We're working on the Wednesday evening edition now. There will be articles on migration paths, security and on that uniquely Honeywell institution, the User Input...

Eating with Jack

Jack Bolick had grilled chicken for lunch yesterday, and the media had grilled Jack. I find it fascinating that at this time in the history of the automation industry, so many companies are headed by remarkably down-to-earth CEOs.

I'm running out of steam, but Zornio isn't..

Yes, he wasn't done yet. This was without a doubt the longest 92 minute talk (I was so amazed, I timed it) I've ever heard. It was like the philistine comment that one of Wagner's operas starts, and then four hours later, you get to Act 1.

Gaily stepping into the future...

Zornio went on to describe Honeywell's coming attractions. He mixed new introductions, like the new, local version of Loop Scout, with announcements that included the tying of Profit Expert and Profit Stepper (the Multivariable loop tester) which will be available in early 2007.

Whew! And Zornio ain't done yet!

Zornio segued into the wireless world, describing Honeywell's commitment to the "wireless worker." Honeywell has been investing heavily in wireless, including the XYR5200 wireless transmitter system, and is a significant participant in WINA and ISA SP100 standards committees.