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Elpro, Photon, NASA and Sensors

Just when it looked like we were forgetting about sensors, look what this blog has been about most of the week. It is a continuing theme (okay, one of my hobby horses) that we need better, smaller, cheaper, more reliable sensors for every type of measurement.

Anybody still wonder how important sensors are?

NASA scrubbed the space shuttle Discovery's launch yesterday, with less than two and a half hours to go. Why? One of the fuel level sensors in the big hydrogen tank stubbornly refused to acknowledge that the tank was in fact full.

New Suggestion Box at ISA

Have you ever said to yourself, "Jeez, I wish there was a standard on (insert name of problem you are facing) so I don't have to do it all myself!"? I am sure you have. Well, it may be that your wish could be granted.

Sometimes, analysis can be a real pain...

For many years, I worked with a company in the chlorine gas feeding business called Capital Controls Company, now part of Severn Trent. My father was one of their first set of reps in the United States, just like Eoin O'Riain's (publisher of Readout in Ireland) was.

Flow, Temperature, Pressure, Analysis, Lights, Action, Roll It!

Have you ever heard of Photon Control ( They are a small British Columbia-based venture firm that has come up with some interesting products they create using fiber optics. They have produced optical switches, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, a novel device for measuring sulfer in diesel fuel, and now some...

Raising the Ante...

Steve Belich from Elpro Technologies, one of two worldclass companies based DownUnder, has sent me an announcement that Elpro has just raised the ante for wireless technologies. All of their wireless products will be covered by a lifetime warranty, retroactive to January 1 of this year.

Kyosei Honeywell MTL

Kyosei is the Japanese for working together. It was popularized by a CEO of Canon Corporation, and he used it to explain why Canon didn't make all the laser printers in the world, just the engines for them.

Blogging the future...

My good friend Kathy Gill, from the University of Washington in Seattle sent along the slides of the talk she presented to the Agence France Presse meeting on Tuesday. The talk is about blogging, podcasting and RSS and the information transfer media of the future.

The organization formerly known as World Batch Forum

Here's a head's-up! WBF has moved their annual conference back from May to March, where it used to be. It is scheduled for March 5-8 in Atlanta in 2006. Chairman Maurice Wilkins sent this set of ideas for papers, and says that the call for papers will be out momentarily.

Process Automation Hall of Fame

It isn't an accident that we selected the WBF for the award dinner for the Process Automation Hall of Fame. WBF, of all of the automation organizations, is likely to be one of the most important, if SAP and Microsoft support for B2MML and the jointure of S88 and S95...