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Whew! And Zornio ain't done yet!

Zornio segued into the wireless world, describing Honeywell's commitment to the "wireless worker." Honeywell has been investing heavily in wireless, including the XYR5200 wireless transmitter system, and is a significant participant in WINA and ISA SP100 standards committees.

Honeywell only makes big DCS for big customers--- NOT!

Zornio, after taking a much-needed break, returned with a very cool announcement...Experion Lite. Seriously, Honeywell introduced the HC900 Controller with Experion Vista. HC900 is a hybrid controller for process equipment that can be used as a standalone control system with up to five stations and 2000 points(shades of Foxboro nee...

The Safety War

"Honeywell's position is strictly in the middle," Zornio quipped. He was discussing the product released last December, Safety Manager R100, which, he claimed was the world's first IEC 61511 certified SIL3 Safety Instrumented System (SIS). The war, if there is one, is over whether SIS systems should be now and...

The Roadmap to Migration

Two years ago, Dinesh Paliwal, CEO of ABB pointed out that over 60% of the market is "brownfield," that is, existing installations. Somebody has those installations in their user base, and it is far more profitable to sell to your existing customers than to go after new "greenfield" business.

More from the Zornio firehose

Remember that this was a simple, 90 minute talk... I have never been to a user group meeting with this kind of information transfer bandwidth. Many user groups I've attended have had great papers, and good speakers, but I have never, ever seen a meeting where the presenters just said,...

Honeywell loves Rockwell, Rockwell loves Honeywell!

As a sort of aside, Peter Zornio mentioned one of the most important announcements (at least to me) of the day. He baldly stated that the C200, developed with partner Rockwell, will continue as a current product, and that Honeywell and Rockwell had agreed to continue their partnership for at...

The Zornio Effect

Zornio continued his firehose presentation by pointing to the new products Honeywell has recently introduced, is introducing shortly, and will be making available by the end of this year., including OM Pro, Shadow Plant, POMSnet, Asset Manager R310, Profit Suite R220, and of course, Safety Manager 100, which, he noted,...

Honeywell Hates the Media...(not)

In an attempt to soften the media contingent at HUG up for the second day, Honeywell's Brian Chapman and Erik Rasmussen took us all to what is probably the only place in the Phoenix area where it was hotter inside than outside on the street.

The Great Zornio!

Working from twenty pages of notes, I'm going to try to reconstruct Peter Zornio's 90 minute technology update presentation at HUG this morning. It was like having a firehose shoved in your mouth and turned on full blast...yet I think he was concise, understandable, and clear, from the moment of...

Honeywell Listens to the Voice of the Customer

Honeywell knows that their user community is one of the most loyal and inventive in process automation. So, perhaps more even than most DCS companies, Honeywell has institutionalized user input. Kerry Sartain, of Georgia Pacific, provided a report from the User Input Subcommittee (UIS).