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More and more Inescapable Data

This is a hot book... From Chapter Two, The Connectivity Divide Here's a test to see how connected YOU are... Draw a line under the last question to which you can answer yes. Toddler's class: I sometimes receive postal mail I have a home phone I have cable TV or...

More from "Inescapable Data"

From Chapter One: "Our Inescapable Data vision suggests that it is not just advances in each of these technologies, it is the combination of these fundamental elements that will break barriers and magnify gains to levels not yet anticipated.

More from the convergence zone

_Inescapable Data_ has some very interesting points. Sometimes, though, they paint with a really broad brush...more Popular Science than Scientific American if you will. One such topic they get _almost_ right is RFID. They talk about RFID as a breakthrough technology, and differentiate it from bad old UPC barcodes as unique.

B&B surveys the wireless market

Gerald Niemi shared with me the results of a survey they ran on the B&B website in January of this year. I thought it would be interesting to share the results here, as well. 64% of respondents said that they had been researching wireless sensors for industrial monitoring.

Life on the bleeding edge...

Digital Managing Editor Rick Pedraza and I took a drive in the country this morning to visit B&B Electronics. Regular readers will recall that Gerald Niemi from B&B gave one of the best presentations at the CSIA meeting last month in Memphis.

The Convergence Zone

Seems to me, lately, that a lot of people have ideas that are converging on a pretty clear view of what the future will be like. And, unlike the experimental prototype community of tomorrow (EPCOT, yes?), we have a pretty clear understanding of the near future trends.

Gaaaah! Half a year!

Wohoo! We're through half of 2005 already. Lots has happened. Lots stays the same. Vendors continue to scatter FUD. End users continue to want real help. CONTROL is dedicated to being that help. By the end of the year, the website should be one of the finest reservoirs of...

Birthday blues...

How's that song go? "another day older and deeper in debt?" Well, today's my birthday, and I've been thinking about the time I've spent, in my life, working for causes and organizations. I've actually done a lot of it.

Another in a series of interesting dinners...

Frank Williams was a young kid, fresh out of engineering school, when he fell into the clutches of a not much older Jim Pinto, who was building Action Instruments out of his back bedroom. Serving as Pinto's right hand man for 29 years, Williams went on to high positions at...

German Documentation

One of the few "instrumentation" companies exhibiting at SPS was JUMO Process Control. Almost certainly, JUMO was attracted to SPS because of the German connection. JUMO is little known in the USA, but they make a very large portfolio of recorders, analytical instruments, pressure and temperature sensors.