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What's an SPS?

As Pinto alluded to at dinner last night, the aisles are rather bare at this mini version of the SPS Electrical Automation show from Europe. While the conference sessions appear to be reasonably well attended, the show floor is rather bare.

Pinto's Pointers

Had dinner with Jim Pinto. People think that Pinto is arrogant and opinionated and brash. He is. But it is deserved. Jim is probably one of the ten smartest people I've ever met, and that list includes some really smart people, like Norman O.

Further thoughts on ISA...

Some comments on ISA from various interested people: Nels Tyring, longtime ISA volunteer: "I don't see how ISA is in any position to make extensive changes or to successfully acquire some organization that will help to solve it's problems. Right now it is without a CEO.

Eight Turcks and a PR Guy...

The Turck press tour rolled into Putman Media this morning...and those Turck folks really do _work_, pun intended. With a history of high quality and innovation, I expected to see new stuff that was interesting and clever, and I wasn't disappointed, on several levels.

Does ISA really matter?

Now, _there's_ a question for you. What does ISA have that matters to the typical process automation end-user? Let's go down the list and see if we can spot something. It could be, as Jo Dee Messina's latest song goes, "My giveadamn's busted!" ISA has a good mailing list. Nope.

Bad news for ISA is bad news for automation professionals...or is it?

ISA announced yesterday that Rob Renner, having been Executive Director for less than a year, has decided to return to the AWWA and become Executive Director of the AWWA Foundation. I confess to being a little bit stunned, since I spent several hours over a couple of days with Renner...

The Oracle speaks: John Rezabek on Foundation Fieldbus

For the blog:: We bussed through beautiful downtown Lima and emerged at what used to be BP Chemicals. After signing in, and grabbing some bagels, we had a chance to look at the demo Fieldbus systems, and, via webcam, the actual operating installation on a set of filter blowdown controls.

Why be a pioneer?

Every one of the companies involved in this demonstration here at ISP Lima, including BP and ISP themselves, has made a substantial investment "on the come" in Foundation Fieldbus technology. They chose to be pioneers, not followers.

Youze can't win if youze don't play!

In beautiful downtown Lima, OH tonight getting ready for the Foundation Fieldbus Press Day tomorrow bright and early. Tonight we had a dinner, and the Foundation presented some awards to the pioneering individuals and companies who helped Fieldbus become more than vaporware.

We seem to have no place to go

I can't count the number of times the past few days that I've had the same conversation. Where do you go to get quality professional-grade information on process automation? Where do you go to find out how MES, ERP and SCADA tie together? With the exception of Gerry Cockrell's and...