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Honeywell Hates the Media...(not)

In an attempt to soften the media contingent at HUG up for the second day, Honeywell's Brian Chapman and Erik Rasmussen took us all to what is probably the only place in the Phoenix area where it was hotter inside than outside on the street.

The Great Zornio!

Working from twenty pages of notes, I'm going to try to reconstruct Peter Zornio's 90 minute technology update presentation at HUG this morning. It was like having a firehose shoved in your mouth and turned on full blast...yet I think he was concise, understandable, and clear, from the moment of...

Honeywell Listens to the Voice of the Customer

Honeywell knows that their user community is one of the most loyal and inventive in process automation. So, perhaps more even than most DCS companies, Honeywell has institutionalized user input. Kerry Sartain, of Georgia Pacific, provided a report from the User Input Subcommittee (UIS).

Bolick Shares Honeywell Vision

"The Honeywell team will make sure you make it to the finish line." Using the image of Richard Petty's team pushing him across the finish line at Daytona, Jack Bolick, Honeywell's CEO, provided his vision for the future at the Honeywell User Group's 30th Anniversary Session today.

The Master of the Hat Trick

In as slickly produced a setting as any Hollywood or Silicon Valley product announcement, Randy Underwood, vice-chairman of the Honeywell Users Group Americas, welcomed the largest attendance in the thirty year history of the Honeywell User Group.

More comments on ISA's predicament

From Charlie Gifford: Hello All, I agree with Dan and Jim. However, I see the entire automation and Mfg IT space in a UTIAIA condition and MESA and ISA as benchmarks. In working with MESA and ISA BODs and on their technical committees, I have found that their business models...

More commentary on ISA...

From Lynn Craig: I appreciate the time and effort volunteer leadership puts into ISA. The time is significant, the effort is challenging and the responsibility must be troubling. Uncertainty about where the ship is going and even more uncertainty about where it ought to go will result in some sleepless...

more responses to ISA's dilemma

From Nels Tyring: Dan (Miklovic -ed.) has some very good points about ISA's business. Intech is a valued asset of service to the members although it is not a member benefit. I don't see a way to change that in the present structure on in Walt's suggestion.

Saving ISA...some responses

Dan Miklovic: I agree with the premise - ISA is UTIAIA . The suggested solutions may be one way to address it. However, since the members value InTech as the greatest benefit, losing editorial control could diminish that.

Next week's blog...

I am leaving on Sunday for Phoenix to attend Honeywell User Group 2005. I will, as usual, be blogging from the event. But in a "first" for both Honeywell and Putman Media, we've been asked by Honeywell to produce an email "Show Daily" from the event.