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$250 Million On the Hoof

Last night CSIA held their annual table top show, run by the Associate Members. With the exception of the AutomationXchanges held by CONTROL, Control Design, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (all sister publications) this is the most economically significant gathering of the automation tribe in the entire year. Really, you say? Absolutely.

What has CSIA accomplished?

The organization is 12 years old, and, according to Bob Reinhart, outgoing Chairman, has accomplished quite a lot. CSIA has become "thought leaders for the information technology industry." If that sounds a little ARC-ish, it ought to, since ARC has taken CSIA on as a client.

The ISA for Lunch Bunch...

I invited Rob Renner, the Executive Director of ISA, and Shari Worthington, President of Telesian Technologies, and an ISA volunteer for over 25 years to have lunch and discuss the results of the just-concluded President's Meeting.

New Tools Create New Opportunities!

Todd Walter, Industrial Measurement and Control Group Manager for National Instruments, is hot for PACs. That is, Programmable Automation Controllers, which NI makes, as do Rockwell (Contrologix) and many others. Todd, who as Shari Worthington commented looks far too young for his job, calls the PAC the next wave of...

The IT guys are coming! The IT guys are coming!

As a side note, Shari Worthington, my co-author on EBusiness in Manufacturing (available from ISA press), and one of the most brilliant PR minds in automation, slid me a note during the CSIA meeting just now: "Have you done a column on "The IT guys are Coming"? We got a...

All My Devices are Smart? So What?

Nic Gihl, VP Automation and Control from Schneider, asks some thought provoking questions in his presentation at CSIA. How are we going to find a new direction that will reinvigorate customer interest in automation? How are we going to explain to customers about all this stuff in a way that...

Why I like the CSIA meeting"¦

One of the things I hate about meetings is the information transfer rate is usually pretty low. In other words, lots of talk, little data. The CSIA meeting has historically had an impressive information transfer rate, and this morning's sessions are no different.

The Roaming Editor at CSIA

I feel a little like the Roaming Gnome from the commercials...People keep asking me to go places and sit down in chairs. This week I'm blogging from the 12th Annual Executive Conference of CSIA, the Control and Information System Integrators Association.

Been Goin' On Six Months Now...

We've been meeting this way since December, and I am having a great time. This is a fantastic way for me to chronicle the daily life of the process automation marketplace. We're moving to a new web platform, which will give me real blogging software soon, and there may be...

Repost of Sound Off for April from

4/28/2005 Fieldbus in the middle of Nowhere I´m not sure how far away it actually is, because your humble editor slept most of the way....we arrived in Natal at about 5 AM because of a broken flight schedule. We left for the Petrobras plant at 7.