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Intermec, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of RFID

Scott Medford, vice president of RFID for Intermec, and his sidekick, Bob Eckles, Industry Marketing Director for Industrial Markets, came in to brief Putman editors on the state of RFID today. In my normal, shy and retiring fashion, I asked Scott, right off the bat, to explain the patent and...

Spamalot getsalot...of Tony nominations!

If you've been reading this for a while, you know that I got to see Spamalot, the Monty Python musical "lovingly ripped off" from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail cult film classic, when it was in tryouts in Chicago.

Is ABB here to stay? Jim Pinto thinks so.

Echoing some of the things I noted in my blog last month about ABB and their emergence from the near disastrous happenings in the late 1990s and early in this decade, Jim Pinto has published one of his company reviews on ABB.

Firefox proves that security is more than hating Microsoft

Major news reports are surfacing today and yesterday about a major security flaw in Firefox, the Internet Explorer-killer browser being created and distributed free by the Mozilla foundation. The dirty little secret that all the anti-Microsoft fanatics out there (you know who you are) don't want to talk about is...

Just what is this CSIA audit thing anyway?

Over the years, CSIs have had very little in the way of oversight. In many states, and depending on the portion of the project they handle, they don't even have to have licenses as either engineers or as contractors.

CONTROL makes it four this year...

I am just busting out with joy to report that CONTROL has won another ASBPE award, to go with the three we won earlier in the month. I just got a call from Katie at ASBPE letting me know that we won a regional award for feature article: Have you...

Joe Kann Says the US Can...

Vice president of global business development for Rockwell Joe Kann (read, Rockwell's chief tealeaf reader) gave the economic lecture for CSIA this morning. He began by noting that "understanding economics may be one of the first signs of hypothermia," but carried on nonetheless.

$250 Million On the Hoof

Last night CSIA held their annual table top show, run by the Associate Members. With the exception of the AutomationXchanges held by CONTROL, Control Design, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (all sister publications) this is the most economically significant gathering of the automation tribe in the entire year. Really, you say? Absolutely.

What has CSIA accomplished?

The organization is 12 years old, and, according to Bob Reinhart, outgoing Chairman, has accomplished quite a lot. CSIA has become "thought leaders for the information technology industry." If that sounds a little ARC-ish, it ought to, since ARC has taken CSIA on as a client.

The ISA for Lunch Bunch...

I invited Rob Renner, the Executive Director of ISA, and Shari Worthington, President of Telesian Technologies, and an ISA volunteer for over 25 years to have lunch and discuss the results of the just-concluded President's Meeting.