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pH and Temperature Measurement and Control Tips

Here is an opportunity to learn how to improve pH and temperature control systems and support ISA as well. Registrants for these web seminars receive a free copy of the respective book and free follow-up answers to questions that can be shared with ISA Mentor Program participants.

An ICS Cyber Vulnerability Beyond Stuxnet

A presentation was made at the S4 Conference on HART vulnerabilities.  Effectively the vulnerability allows the take over of a single field device, using the single field device to take over all of the other field devices on the HART highway, and/or to take over the asset management software.

Why has Aurora become so political and why is the electric industry fighting it?

Aurora was first publicly demonstrated at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in March 2007.  DOD is responsible for assuring continuity of electric power at critical defense facilities. As such, DOD recognized the potential impacts from Aurora and initiated an Aurora hardware mitigation program.

What Do Bees and Thermostats Have in Common?

Australian bees get RFID chips and Google buys a thermostat company. Just another day in the developing Internet of Things space. But will the technology spill into process automation?

Hiring Technical Writer

Job opportunity! We are looking for a technical writer. Are you our ideal candidate?

Control Seeks Technical Writer

Job opportunity at Control. We are looking for a technical writer. Are you our ideal candidate?

Extending Process Control Benefits Analysis Tips

What can be done besides the typical analysis for control benefits that show a setpoint can be moved closer to a constraint by reducing variability? Here we take a quick look at five things that can be done to extend this analysis to unknown effects and recognize and seek benefits...

Making progress – one person at a time

I received the following Link-in request and thought it would be of interest as I believe it covers a broad swath of the utility infrastructure.  “We met several years ago, I think back in 2002, when you spoke at a SCADA system users group meeting.

Stuff Found While Going Through100+ Emails

Interesting items found while going through 100+ emails: Foundation for ROM news, Siemens renames its best-selling variable-speed drive, and a Control editor discovers an Indian company that makes tea, steel and small, cheap cars for India, among other things, and does very well by doing a lot of good. 

ICS cyber security and plausible deniability

I believe way too many people and organizations particularly in the electric and water industries have a severe case of plausible deniability - “if I have not heard about it to my face, I do not have to address it.” However plausible deniability may have just sprung a leak.