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Video game on hacking control systems

There will now be the opportunity to turn loose a generation of hackers honing their control system hacking skills on video games. According to the videogame trailer, the game simulates more than 60 different hacks from your cell phone where you can manipulate traffic signals, cause blackouts, etc.  

Microsoft XP Falls Victim to the Cybersecurity Wars

Hackers are exploiting an Internet Explorer vulnerability that was recently left unpatched in Windows XP. Microsoft doesn't plan on doing anything about the problem. 

Compressor Surge and Stall Detection and Prevention Tips

A compressor going into stall is like jumping off a cliff with a bungee cord. If the bungee cord has no losses to dampen the oscillation, we have something akin to surge. A 0.5% drop in efficiency can occur for each surge cycle.

The electric industry still doesn’t understand what sophisticated attackers are after

Stuxnet and Aurora are not traditional network vulnerabilities and cannot be found or mitigated by using traditional IT security techniques. The Smart Grid NISTR-7628 and NERC do not identify design features that can be exploited. There is a disconnect between what the electric industry is trying to protect and what...

U.S. Indicts Five for Cyber Spying. Now Are You Worried About Cybersecurity?

A U.S. grand jury has indicted five Chinese for stealing industrial secrets via computer from U. S. companies

Worried About Cybersecurity?

The ISA Cybersecurity Conference 2014, Detroit, June 9 - 12, 2014,  will help help attendees learn how they can protect their industrial networks and controls systems against cyber threats.

Keynote presentation at Stanford University cyber security workshop

I will be delivering the keynote at the May 31, 2014 ECSaR 2014 Workshop on Engineering Cyber Security and Resilience at Stanford University. The agenda can be found at www.ECSaR-2014-Program.docx. Details on the overall conference can be found at

Plant Reliability Webinar Tuesday May 20

Plant reliability is a key to successful plant operations. Achieving high levels of reliability requires effective maintenance practices – including taking advantage of the knowledge inherent in today’s smart or intelligent devices. This Webinar describes how FDT technology can be used to achieve better maintenance results directly impacting your bottom line.

Managing Capital Projects in the Cloud

Capital projects need to scale up and down quickly, making cloud-based project management solutions a good fit

Startup, Career, and Mentor Humor Tips

How do you know when a startup has gone wrong, it is time to retire, your mentor is an endangered species and your mentor's book will become a college text? These and other questions you have not asked will be answered.