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Lick and Stick Sensors-- are they real? #pauto #sensors #automation

The Internet of Things has been chugging along for about ten years now, and it is about to reach critical mass. What is giving it the oomph to become mainstream is the concept of inexpensive sensors for just about anything and simple, effective control systems and HMIs that are designed...

Three blind mice

Ironically, less than a week after the ICS Cyber Security Conference that NERC did not attend, NERC issued another set of Lessons Learned for three incidents. In each case, cyber communication issues resulted in system impacts.

Final Summary-- 13th ICS Cyber Security Conference

Here are the highlights from Wednesday and Thursday of the 13th ICS Cyber Security Conference. The details are skimpy, because no recording is permitted.

Happy Umpteenth Birthday, Eoin! #readout #pauto #automation #ISA

Today is Eoin O Riain's (somenumbermumble) birthday. Eoin has been a leader in the automation profession since long time ago.

The Primary Source of Disagreement in Process Control Tips

The primary reason why there are so many and so different schools of thought about control algorithms and tuning can be traced back to one parameter in the process response. What PID tuning and what PID structure is pronounced as best and even whether PID control should be used is...

Gartner's prognostications for emerging strategic technologies...for 2014 #pauto #automation #IT

Gartner released its Top Ten list of strategic emerging technologies for 2014. Some of these are no-brainers, others require some thinking about.

My Keynote at 13th ICS Cyber Security Conference #pauto #cyber #safety #joe_weiss

Here's the slideshow for my keynote today at the 13th ICS Cyber Security Conference.

Highlights from the 13th ICS Cyber Security Conference #pauto #NERC-CIPS #cyber #security #ICS

Highlights of the 13th ICS Cyber Security Conference including global attendance, Kaspersky's new Cyber Security Game, report of a major cyber incident in a utility, an ICS Honeypot, and "loss of integrity" incidents.

#InternetofThings IBM Weighs In #sensors #IOT #pauto #automation

Whether you call it the Internet of Things, or Pervasive Sensing, or Big Data, the fact is, sensors and embedded computers are becoming commonly used in nearly everything, from toasters to control systems. 

The 13th ICS Cyber Security Conference is sold out

Much to our surprise, we had to close the registration as there is no more “room at the inn”.  The registration is almost entirely from the private industry and international participants as the budget battle in Washington prevented any of the usual government personnel from attending.