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#InternetofThings IBM Weighs In #sensors #IOT #pauto #automation

Whether you call it the Internet of Things, or Pervasive Sensing, or Big Data, the fact is, sensors and embedded computers are becoming commonly used in nearly everything, from toasters to control systems. 

The 13th ICS Cyber Security Conference is sold out

Much to our surprise, we had to close the registration as there is no more “room at the inn”.  The registration is almost entirely from the private industry and international participants as the budget battle in Washington prevented any of the usual government personnel from attending.

Disturbance Dynamics Recomendations Tips

If there were no unmeasured disturbances, feedback control would not be necessary. Process engineers and operators could home in on the best PID output and just leave it at this value. In fact many process engineers are much more comfortable with setting a stream flow per a process flow diagram...

Why No Threat Scenarios in Operator Training Systems #pauto #SoftwareRevolution #safety #cybersecurity #automation #training

The cost of Operator Training Simulators is going down. That's great. But nobody is asking for threat-based operator scenarios. Why not? 

About @Invensys and @Schneider_Electric #pauto #automation #mergers

Schneider Electric will be acquiring Invensys sometime in the new year. I’ve avoided writing about this subject for a while, waiting to see what happens when the dust settles. The dust hasn’t completely settled, but it is clear that there are two camps into which most of the thought leaders...

The fallacy of not sharing ICS incident information

This blog is not about people but organizations and the fallacy of not sharing information. I believe there are many people in industry willing to share information about ICS cyber incidents. However, in too many cases, they are not allowed to do so.

It's Revolution Time in Software Land #SoftwareRevolution #Invensys #Wonderware #SimSci #Avantis #pauto

I've been tweeting all day at the Invensys Software User Group meeting at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. Here is where Invensys talks about the leading edge changes they have been making in the leading HMI and Historian software, asset management software and the state of the art simulation product line.

Utilities are still vulnerable and connected – case history to be presented

The week of October 1st, Project SHINE found an electric substation directly connected to the Internet. Project SHINE analysts were able to see DNP3 ports, Serial Port Server ports, Telnet interface ports, and a web page server. As of the week of October 7th, the substation device was disconnected.

ISA106 leaders win Standards and Practices Awards #isa #pauto #automation

Five ISA106 committee leaders have received the ISA Standards and Practices Department Award for their accomplishments in publishing the new ISA106 technical report on procedure controlled automation.

Effect of Disturbance Dynamics Perspective Tips

Much of the differences in approaches to controller algorithms and tuning can be traced back to assumptions made about the type and importance of disturbances. Each method has merits based on the disturbance frequency, location, and time lag.