FDI Prototype Demonstration

I just read that the new FDI Corporation is already showing benefits with prototypes of the first FDI components –proof that the concepts being proposed will work have been demonstrated on an ABB system. The prototypes include communications with HART, FF and Profibus protocol devices.

Fieldbus Network Timing Parameters – Compel Data

One would think that because the Fieldbus Foundation defines so many other parameters in its standards that the time for the Compel Data message used for the Publish/Subscribe messages on which control in the field is based would also be standardized. Not so.

Expo Automatización 2010 – Chile’s True Automation event

I “just” got in from the above event here in Santiago and despite its size it truly was an automation event with a mixture of both process and factory automation – indicative of the type of industry driving the Chilean economy which is predominantly mining.

Shopping Wars, II

Well, that was quick. The email below from ABB relating to the Emerson offer for Chloride appeared in my inbox this morning.

Shopping Wars

The boss is supposed to be on vacation, and I'll be driving the blogging machine for a few days, but, on  the other hand, I keep getting emails from him. (Walt. are you listening? Go on vacation already!) so you may be hearing from him as well.

The last edition of the Automation and Power World 2010 eShow Daily #apw10 #pauto

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#apw10 #pauto Day 2 of ABB Automation & Power World -- eShow Daily from

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ControlGlobal eNews from ABB Automation & Power World 2010 #APW2010 #pauto

Here's the URL for the eNews for day 1 of Automation and Power World. Enjoy.

Who Says the single loop controller is dead? Not ABB, that's for sure! #APW2010 #pauto

ABB announces new generation of controller and indicator instruments Elevates process monitoring and control to a higher level

Peter Terwiesch Explains It All to Us... #APW10 #pauto

For those of you following me on Twitter today, here's the blog post I promised on Peter Terwiesch's Technology Update at ABB Automation and Power World. The story he told was about integration. Integration of power sources into the grid, enabling the grid to host and compensate for those sources,...