Bill Goble and Luis Duran: Eliminating Common Cause Failures in Safety Control Systems

Last week I hosted a webinar with exida's Bill Goble and ABB's Luis Duran on the elimination of the biggest argument against combining safety controls and process controls in the same system.

ARC says ABB is still the king, and services rule the roost

From the indefatigable Laura Patrick-- ABB systems group's fantastic one woman publicity department:

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Laura Patrick over at ABB sent the following email this morning:

ABB passes the 5000 mark for System 800xA

According to a press release from ABB's Laura Patrick this morning, the less-than-five-year-old ABB DCS has passed the 5K mark, with the majority of systems being new or competitive system replacements.

ARC says ABB is Number 1 in Automation Services

ABB appears to be maintaining its position, and even gaining ground, during the recession. Here's a release from ABB touting an ARC Advisory Group study about "Supplier Provided Automation Services":

ABB Builds Solar Power Plant for Spain

ABB seems to be determined to show just how fruitful the collaboration between automation and power can be. Here's a new release describing a solar power plant in Spain. Apparently the sun in Spain falls mainly on the plain, too.

ABB urges Smart Grid Standards...but where is ISA?

In the gold rush to Smart Grid, it's easy to get left out. In the last several major press releases about Smart Grid I've seen, one standards body has been conspicuous by its absence. That, of course would be ISA.

WirelessHART-- it's not just for Emerson anymore!

As the ISA100.11a draft standard nears approval, the chorus of vendors committed to WirelessHART, at least for now, continues to swell. Last month, at Interkama, ELPRO Technologies, Emerson, Endress+Hauser, Pepperl+Fuchs and MACTek all launched WirelessHART products.

Light at the end of the tunnel, and we're pretty sure it isn't a train

ABB announced its Q1 2009 quarterly financials in the press release below. It looks like, at least from the vantage of one of the most stable and secure automation vendors, the tide is beginning to turn.

The Automation Stimulus Plan-- call it Smart Grid

How much is automation going to matter to the recovery from this economic meltdown? We know the answer, and it is, "we matter plenty."